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guttersWe are so fortunate to have received the much-needed rain these past few days. Some of the rain came in light showers and others in downpours and thunderstorms.  


When it rains, especially with heavy downpours, you may take note of whether your gutters are working correctly or if you don't have gutters, think about putting them on your house.


Over the years, I've listened to many home inspectors' opinions on whether they believe gutters are necessary or whether they will create more of a problem than a benefit. They mostly agree that gutters on homes with asphalt roofs are worth installing. Houses with metal and slate roofs are where they differ.  Because snow and ice are more likely to slide off roofs that are metal and slate, they can also take the gutter(s) off with them. They usually recommend grading the land away from the house as an alternative in these cases. 


The other issue with gutters is keeping them clean and working correctly. It's easy for them to fill up with things like leaves and pine needles. Left untended with years of collection of debris will prevent them from doing what they were designed to do. To prevent this from happening, covers can be added or put on at the time of installation. They let the water in and keep the leaves and other debris out.


Whether the sun is shining or we are getting some rain, I hope you stay healthy and safe and enjoy your summer.







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Carol Culkin
Diamond Partners Inc - Overland Park, KS
Overland Park Residential Real Estate

I vote for gutters! But, it might depend on roofing, I never thought of that. Good info. Thanks for educating me. 

Aug 19, 2020 10:35 AM
Debb Janes
Nature As Neighbors - Camas, WA
Put My Love of Nature At Work for You

Interesting. I never knew there were situations where gutters might not be the best. I'm going to research this more.  Thanks. D

Aug 20, 2020 06:41 AM