No Income, Verified Asset (NIVA) Loan - Investment/Owner-Occupied Prop

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No Income, Verified Asset (NIVA) Loan for Investment and Owner-Occupied Properties.



680 mid FICO, SFR's, 1-4's, Condos and PUD's
Terms: 15 year fixed, 3, 5 or 7/1 ARMs in the 4s.
Purchase: 70% LTV to 2M, up to 100% of the down can be gifted
Refinance: 65% LTV to 2M 
Cash out: 60% to 1M, 50% LTV to 5M. 
Reserves as low as 6 months. No CPA Letter needed with 18+ months reserves.
New on the Job or Business OK.
Employer and income to be left blank on application with 18+ months reserves.
Less than 30 days to close. 
No maximum number of properties financed or owned.
No maximum acreage on non-agricultural properties.
Foreign national ok, no Social Security or US status needed

Available: CA, NV, WA, TX, GA, IL, MA, MD, NJ and NY.


Fees: Negotiable

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