Cost of Living in Plymouth, Canton, or Livonia, Michigan

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Cost of Living

Cost of Living is the various expenses an individual or family has to pay regularly in order to maintain a relatively good quality of life in a particular area. If you're planning to move into a new city, you'll want to make sure you check out the cost of living in that community to make sure your move is financially viable for you and your family. We've compiled the various cost of living factors in the three cities we service, which are Plymouth, Canton, and Livonia. If you need help finding a new home in these cities, please feel free to give us a call.


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Cost of Living Index in Plymouth, Canton, or Livonia

The Cost of Living Index below includes the various factors affecting your overall Cost of Living in Plymouth, Canton, and Livonia. Each cost of living metric is scored in reference to the national average, which is the baseline at 100 points. If the score is lower, it's more affordable why if it's higher, you can expect that cost of living factors to be more expensive.

COST OF LIVING Plymouth Canton Livonia Michigan United States
Overall 124 110.2 99.2 89.6 100
Groceries 101.5 99.3 97.1 93.4 100
Health Care 84.3 84.3 84.3 86 100
Housing 153.2 121 90.4 65.5 100
Utilities 94.7 100.5 100.5 100.1 100
Transportation 151.7 128.8 123.3 115.1 100
Miscellaneous 97.1 98.8 97.2 96.7 100

Real Estate in Plymouth, Canton, or Livonia, MI

Plymouth is the most expensive overall when it comes to the cost of living due in part to the high average housing costs. The town is known for its luxury subdivisions and high-end suburban communities, which tend to have a higher price tag and tax bracket. Livonia would be the most affordable real estate-wise as there are affordable home options in that community. Canton is in between Plymouth and Livonia, offering a good mix of single-family home developments that buyers can consider for their family. There are good deals to be found in this community, and if you need a local realtor to walk you through the various property options in the region, you can give us a call anytime.


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