Mini Crib vs Convertible Mini Crib (which is better?)

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Is a Mini Crib a Good Idea?


If you’re in the market for a crib for your new baby, you might want to consider a mini crib before picking up a full size one!


Mini cribs are great for parents who don’t have a lot of space or want baby to be in the same room as them. 


Many people also choose to get a mini crib for the grandparents house or a portable one for traveling. They are so convenient!

What’s the Difference between a Regular Crib and a Mini Crib?


The only difference is size. Mini cribs are smaller and so are their mattresses. 


Mini Crib Pros and Cons




  • Smaller than regular cribs- this is obviously a huge draw for those with limited space.

  • Less expensive- mini cribs make a great budget friendly alternative to full size cribs.

  • Portability- most mini cribs are easy to take on the go.

  • Easy assembly- easier to set up than a regular crib.




  • Size- because they are smaller, babies will outgrow their mini cribs faster than a regular crib. This is why I recommend getting a convertible mini crib. You can read a full guide to convertible mini cribs at The Mommyhood Club.

  • Less sturdy and durable- full size cribs tend to be built to last.

  • Sheets are a different size- all the sheets and mattresses are a different size that regular cribs.


How Long Can a Baby Stay in a Mini Crib?


Usually your baby will last until around 2 years of age, but it may even be sooner if you have a tall baby. 


This is why I recommend convertible mini cribs over regular mini cribs.


Is the Mini Crib Bigger Than a Pack and Play?


The mini cribs of today are the same size as the original portable crib- The Pack and Play. Portable cribs can fold up and be taken on the while mini cribs don’t have this feature. (However, they do seem to be easier to take on the go than a regular crib.)


When Should I Buy a Mini Crib?


You should buy a mini crib if you have limited space or a limited budget. Mini cribs are great for grandparents to have on hand for the occasional sleep over.


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