Content Marketing for Realtors: 6 Tips for Getting Links and Gaining Visibility for Your Content

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Content marketing is an essential aspect of every business, especially real estate. You desire to serve your community; however, if they are unaware of your company and your services, how will you accomplish this important goal.


In order to share your message with a wider audience and gain more business, you must utilize link building in your specialized and purposeful content.


Link building involves creating a link to your content through a third party website. These links allow more users to discover and explore your page, which leads to increased traffic and credibility.

Getting links to gain visibility can be a challenging process if you are unsure of what to do and what to avoid. Below are six tips for tackling and achieving your content marketing dreams:


  1. Know Your Competition


Before you can begin the process, you must first understand your competition. Real estate is a competitive market consisting of numerous realtors all competing for the same business. When it comes to the marketing side of real estate, the competitive nature of the business still applies.


To fully understand the best link building strategy for you, you must first do competitor link research. And according to, your competitive analysis is one of the most important parts in your business plan.


First, evaluate your business and identify the relevant keywords present in your niche business and content. Keyword research will allow you to compile a list of words and phrases pertinent to your business that will allow you to see how you stack up against the competition.


Second, search your list of keywords in Google to pinpoint who your top competitors are. Your results will reflect others who are utilizing the same keywords as you, thus establishing who you will be competing with to increase your business.


Understanding who your competition is before you begin link building is necessary for being able to build and execute a content marketing plan that will truly put you ahead.

  1. Make Measurable Goals


Using your knowledge of the competition, you can now make strategic plans that will benefit your business.


By comparing the results of your keyword research between you and your competition, you can assess the areas in which you are falling behind in comparison. Make a list of the areas where there is a negative gap between you and the competition, and then create goals for solving those issues.


These goals need to be specific and measurable. A vague understanding of your plan will not be as fruitful as a concrete and achievable strategy for success.


Keep your goals in mind when creating the remainder of your marketing plan to guarantee you rise above the pack.


  1. Plan Your Content


If you want link building to be successful, you must ensure that your website contains quality content to back up your links and your business. This means really digging into the real estate niche and identifying and writing about the important topics users care about.


Once again, this can be accomplished by evaluating your competition. Research the gaps in content of your competition and latch on to these specific topics your audience wants and needs in order to excel above the rest.


Gather your ideas and become an expert in those categories. Use fresh and well-researched content ideas to drive your marketing plan.


  1. Consider Your Purpose


Before you begin writing, consider the overall audience for and purpose of your content. If your content is not tailored to match your business plan and purpose, it will not achieve the same impact or be as successful.


Ask yourself who is your target audience. What are their needs and wants? Do they have expectations?


Recognize the purpose of your content. Are you trying to encourage action? Are you attempting to inform or persuade?


Visualize the outcome of your content. Does your plan align with that goal?


Remember to include the answers to these questions in the rest of your marketing plan. Without a specific understanding of your content’s purpose, you will be unable to reach your desired goal.


Taking the time to ask yourself these questions will help you narrow down the focus of your content and reach your intended audience through your persuasive and meaningful writing.


  1. Link Building Techniques


Now that you have a thorough understanding of your competition, content, audience, and goals, you can begin analyzing what link building techniques will meet your needs.


Link building can be accomplished through numerous methods. You, of course, can do this on your own or you can turn to professionals that specialize in guest posting, blogger outreach, niche edits, and broken link building services. You can learn more about the link building process in this link outreach guide.


Getting your links into the world via blogs is one of the most popular forms of link building. However, to accomplish this, you must know where to post. Researching popular sites for real estate content can help you determine where your next post should take place to reach your target audience.


In order to narrow down the list of possible link building strategies, it is important to remember your purpose. Compare your list of goals with the purpose and outcome of various link building techniques, and you will be able to grasp what tactics will work best for you.


  1. Execute Your Plan


You have reached the last step where you will finally be able to take your research and planning and put it into action.


The final step of this process requires evaluating the data to ensure that you will be successful. By using tools equipped to run and process this information, you can quickly understand how your plan will pan out if executed properly.


The data will indicate what results you will need in order to make your marketing plan effective, so there will be limited surprises when you take the leap.


Overall, your content marketing strategy will help you identify where your business is lacking and help you strategically resolve the shortcomings in your business’s marketing plan.


By executing your plans and goals achieved through this process, you will be able to surpass your competition, gain visibility, and generate more real estate business.


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