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Most homeowners are interested in increasing equity in their home.  Value is increased through neighborhood appreciation, remodeling, redecorating, and adding additional storage.  When marketing the home these updates and appreciation tend to stand out to potential buyers.  Prior to making updates, the homeowner needs to be concern about resale value.  This means your updates should appeal to majority of the buying public.  Following are design tips to consider prior to updating your property:

Room should be larger – Naturally, adding space to a room will obviously make it seem larger.  Rooms will seem to be larger if proper selection and placement of furniture occurs.  It is important to make the room feel more spacious; this will be more helpful when and if you decide to sell your home.

Traditional look – It is not necessary to have everything in the room be new.  Having a traditional look is okay and staying with the house roots sometimes will pay dividends.  Finally, realize you are not going to please everybody.  

Closets – A walk-in closet adds value to a home.  Walk-in closet offers convenience, extra storage, and is very appealing to home buyers.  A substitute to a walk-in closet, construct a custom closet.  There are many ideas and plans available, all you need to do is do some research.

Kitchen – The kitchen is king for return on investment.  Here you get the best bang for your buck.  This area is where you eat, drink, and some offer additional area for storage expansion.  When buying a home, buyers probably put the greatest importance on this area.  Therefore, even minor updates will add value.  

Storage – Never can have too much storage.  Need to take advantage of space within the following areas: closets, under the stairwell, attic, and garage.  Also, many times there is unused space within the kitchen.  

Painting – Painting is the cheapest way to freshen up the home.  This gives the home an updated, clean, and crisp look that will appeal to potential buyers.  Recommend choosing paint colors that are not too bold.  Use neutral colors, these colors are more acceptable to a greater number of buyers.

Energy efficient – Having your home energy-efficient is a big plus.  Home needs to properly insulated, use energy efficient light bulbs, and possibly consider solar panels for the roof, etc.  Being able prove to a potential home buyer that your energy cost is lower to comparable homes in the area is an advantage to seller.

Bathroom – Bathroom updates are second only to kitchen as far as return on investment.  This area is normally a smaller, updates such as replacing vanities and light fixtures can go a long way helping make the house attractive to buyers.

Home organizer – If the home has a shortage of space, consider hiring a professional organizer.  This person can help create a clutter-free environment.  In the long run, this will pay off by making better use of your space and may be a potential plus to buyers when selling the house.  When there is highly organized space, it makes the home feel larger and more manageable.

Curb appeal – Always, the first impression is the most important.  The front yard, driveway and front door needs to be in pristine shape.  That means the front yard needs to be recently mowed, brushes trim, recent mulch, new plants, and front door needs to be in great condition.

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