5 Tips For Buying A Short Sale Property In Pittsburgh

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Buying a short sale property in Pittsburgh is an awesome way to buy a house Pittsburgh at a great price. But there are certain things you should consider before making an offer. Learn more about short sales and what you to expect below in our article.


Short sales happen when the bank agrees to sell the house Pittsburgh for less than what is owed in order to recoup some profits. Buying a short sale is a great way to save some money on the purchase of a Pittsburgh house. Below, we offer some tips to make buying a short sale a quick and easy process.


Tip 1: Having The Right Group of Professionals

When you buy a Pittsburgh short-sale property, it is important to have the right people backing you up. You will definitely want to connect with short sale experts such as Cash For Homes Pittsburgh, who specialize in short sales, lawyers who specialize in short sale properties, and title professionals who will work with you to get the search done quickly. Having the right people in your corner will help to ensure the process runs smoothly without any hang-ups or hassles. You will want to have knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy people on your team in order to ensure success with the purchase of your Pittsburgh short sale property.


Tip 2: Securing The Money To Make The Purchase

Before making an offer on a Pittsburgh short sale property, be sure to have your finances in order. You will either want to be pre-approved by the bank or have the cash to purchase the short-sale property directly. There are some other perks to using cash for a purchase. Sellers will appreciate your ability to close quickly without any hang-ups or red tape from the lenders. Buying your property in cash will ensure a stress-free and uncomplicated closing.


Tip 3: Inspecting The Potential Property

While the bank is not likely to negotiate with you when it comes to repairs, ordering an inspection will let you know what you are getting onto in terms of the property. It’s important to do as much research on the property as possible in regard to past repairs, additions and other modifications to the house. You do not want to be surprised if something major comes up after the purchase has been completed.


Tip 4: Research, Research, & More Research

Before making an offer on a Pittsburgh short-sale property, you’ll want to know how much the house is worth and how much is owed to the bank. The bank is taking a loss but will not want to hold on to the property for longer than they have to either. Having this information about the property will help you to create a realistic and practical offer that is likely to get noticed by the banks.


Tip 5: Take The Risk Into Consideration

Just like with a foreclosure Pittsburgh, you will likely be purchasing the property as-is. You will inherit any liens or title problems that are attached to the property in its current state. The process can take a long time to finalize, leaving you in limbo and at risk of missing out on other opportunities. Before buying a short sale property in Pittsburgh, make sure you understand just how long the process can take.


Buying a short sale in Pittsburgh is an excellent way to buy a house Pittsburgh at a huge discount. Short sales can come with some risk, but when you do your homework ahead of time and put yourself in a position where you know what to expect, buying a short sale can be an excellent way to buy a house in the Pittsburgh!

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