How to Run Your Property Management Company’s Digital Marketing

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Being involved in property management can be quite lucrative for a small business or large corporation. The perks of being able to live at the complex where you work can be unmatched. Being able to live in a city with a high cost of living like Washington DC as a steep discount or for free allows for more expendable income. The marketing strategy of a property management company in an area with a lower demand for property needs to be quality to say the least. Overcrowded cities are easy to rent in due to housing shortages which is something to keep in mind. The following are tips to help improve your marketing strategy moving forward.

Website Should Leave Nothing to be Desired

All of the marketing in the world is not going to drive conversions if a link to the website leads a person to a site that looks like it was done in a 1990’s web design class. The website needs to be designed with goals in mind which will be showing qualified people rental spaces. Contact information should be at the top of the website as should the address along with an easy to find link to Google Maps. Investing a little money in the website matters as Google incorporates this into their search engine rankings. Everything from slow page loading times to overusing keywords can lead to a site dropping in rankings. For this reason, it is essential to find a professional that understands the best practices in terms of SEO in web design.

Enlisting the Help of a Marketing Agency

The number of staff that can be reduced by hiring a marketing agency can be staggering. These marketers can help convert when it comes to renters in your target demographic. No longer will staff have to constantly post to Craigslist to make sure office spaces or apartments are at full capacity. The utilization of the right SEO and PPC tactics can allow your properties to show up at the top of local search engines. TheeDigital notes, “Marketing companies are sure to deliver results when it comes to sales or leads. The right combination of tactics will drive results. If results are not garnered then it is time to find another agency.” These agencies understand web design trends and those in marketing that might not be apparent to an entrepreneur without a marketing background.

Referral Marketing Works Wonders

Referral marketing programs where a tenant gets a discounted or free month of rent can provide results. Everyone wants to save money as well as live close to their friends or family. The best way to promote this is to put it in an email or as a piece of mail. Most people will not complain about this as it is an opportunity to save big or even earn a bonus amount of money simply for telling someone about a great office space or apartment/condo to rent.

Keep the Units in Top Condition

If a person is going to be paying for a luxury apartment or office space they will want is flawless. Bringing in a professional cleaning crew can be incredible and larger details like putting on a fresh coat of new paint is essential as well. Nobody wants to move into a place that has chipped paint throughout the unit.

As you can see you can start marketing in a more intelligent way in order to improve revenue at a property management company.

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