How working from home is changing what buyers need in new homes.

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Since March of 2020, buyers "must haves" in home searches have begun to change dramatically.


Home offices were something that many buyers had included in their lists before the pandemic, but more as a possibility and not as a MUST HAVE. The number of buyers that have added either an  office or additional work space to their list of "must haves" has jumped quickly.


The pandemic has changed the way buyers are looking at their homes in other ways as well. Aside from looking for properties with office space, it has also changed the possibilities of locations. When working from home, the distance to and from work ceases to be a part of decision making. There are more new possibilities because it can open up more areas for a home search.  


Outdoor living space has also become much more popular as well.


When working from home, it can become tedious and challenging to be staring at the same four walls throughout the work day. There is no chance to take in new views on the drive to and from work. This is one of the big reasons why buyers who never considered the importance of some type of outdoor living space before are now seeking properties with some type of yard or patio escape in their new home. 


Home buyers have obviously changed the way they look at purchasing their homes and about real estate overall.


According to the NAHB (The National Association of Home Builders) 


"Census and HUD estimated new home sales in June at a 776,000 seasonally adjusted annual pace, a 14% gain over May and the strongest seasonally adjusted annual rate since the Great Recession."


There is no doubt that we will begin seeing these changes in new construction in the near future. 


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