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In recent times, it is very commonplace for the majority of Singaporeans to experience cosmetic surgeries. In the past, it was seen as an indicator of low confidence for females to go for medical cosmetic enhancements, much less men. With the increased acknowledgement as well as the forthright openness of aesthetic procedures in ASEAN, modern surveys detail a growing acknowledgement among people towards plastic surgery in Singapore. A different reason behind medical aesthetics’ accelerated ascent in acceptance is caused partly from the breakthroughs of technology, letting medical practitioners to deliver better results with less pain and shorter procedures. The globalised commodity of accessibility had most certainly reached the plastic surgeries industry, and girls are savouring every minute of it.


World Famous Rejuran

An influential treatment first started in Korea, Rejuran is a minimally-invasive aesthetic procedure applied to address the toils of getting on in years and improve the quality of skin. A unique feature of the world of South Korean makeup, Rejuran gathered exposure going with the ascent of the impeccable Korean star look -- clear, radiant and springtime skin that overcomes ageing.

The important active ingredient in Rejuran is a polydeoxyribonucleotide (known as PDRN in short). Infusion of polydeoxyribonucleotides in a lady’s skin will bring about the developments such as boosted tissue recovery and healing ability, a vast reduction in wrinkles, increased skin elasticity and improved skin hydration, as well as increased skin texture. Scarring will additionally be noticeably improved.

Rejuran injections have a recovery time of about 3 to 6 days. Although the person is able to resume their regular schedule immediately following the Rejuran treatment, the marks do persist for a couple days more. Cost of a Rejuran procedure: $250-500. Local clinics like Veritas Clinic are known for excellent Rejuran treatments.


Picolaser in Singapore

Picolasers have come to be an aesthetic mainstay of late with the power to administer powerful laser salvos in shorter active durations as compared beside laser firing units of the earlier models. Picolasers have a variety of functions and can be administered for removal of pigments, acne treatments, skin firming and many others.

In Singapore, picosecond lasers are most commonly requested to remove pigmentation and ink on skin.

Picolasers operate by shattering the pigmentation or tattoo ink collections present in the skin layers into smaller fragments with powerful discharges of focussed lasers. Your own body will afterwards, transports the pieces of discolouration away automatically. As the shots of laser energy are only billionths of a second, the potential for the surrounding skin to sustain burns is very unlikely. The enormous flexibility of the settings on various versions of pico laser machines also signify that different wavelengths, output and active time can be changed for the top outcomes tailored to the individual. Picosecond laser treatments will not need more than sixty minutes of your personal time. You may encounter some redness right after treatment, but should vanish in a few hours. Pico lasers are billed based on the duration of the treatment and the difficulty of the area that requires treatment. Be prepared to pay $400 and upwards for a small area.

Melasma Treatment

Whenever pigmented cells converge in clusters, the groups frequently present themselves as dark locations in a variety of symptoms on the skin layers. One other potential underlying reason for the formation of more pigmented spots may also be excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and/or damage due to sunlight. Thus, the prevalent spots for pigment symptoms to occur at, tend to occur in the most exposed locations – the face and nose. Understanding the cause of pigmentation is imperative to the effective pigmentation solution. In the instance of how differing types of pigmenting might be easily confused one another, sharing within the same patch of the skin, but their removal methods can be altogether different. To make matters worse, there exist minimally 5 kinds of common pigmentation problems, triggered by different causes and individual effective treatment procedures. Dermatology is a highly regulated industry in Singapore

Precise diagnosis is fundamental to effective eradication of pigmentation. Blindly treating pigmentation symptoms is a recipe for disaster. It is easy for several pigmentation types to be misdiagnosed as other conditions due to the similarity in appearance between some pigmentation symptoms. There have been a number of instances of the issue deteriorating from administration of the incorrect treatment. As such, it is common to ask for a few diagnoses from different doctors about the pigmentation problems you may be wanting to resolve, before embarking on any bespoke course of pigmentation removal treatment.

Remove Acne Scars

Chronic acne blemishes won't be similar. Several patterns may show on the same patch of skin. Scars that develop as a effect of acne rank amongst the tougher skin problems to reliably solve, commonly thanks to the many differing variations of scars acne can produce, and the challenge of treatment. The difficulty of variables treated during the treatment program is increased owing to the fact that every person's skin contains unique characteristics that might possibly sway the planned conclusion of the program. Depending on your skin type, the dermatologist has to first closely observe the potential unwanted risks of treatment, while accounting the sorts & offshoot sorts the outbreak evolves that occurred on the skin. This is important since definite variants of acne will alter the different acne scars of alternating variants can be cultivated. There exist several different acne scar types and it needs a highly trained doctor to precisely determine how these scars can be removed.

At this juncture, it should be noted that the different types of scars are not identical in construct as well. Unsurprisingly, any type of scar caused by acne will counter differently facing the same treatment. Most seasoned specialist utilize a cocktail of various aesthetic procedures to solve acne scars. Seek a reputable aesthetics or specialist skin clinic for a customised plan to resolve your acne scars. Costs, Low to medium severity: $1950-$3550, High severity: $3400-$7500


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