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A couple of years ago, I made a deliberate pivot in my marketing to  focus on young people making their fist home purchase. 
My thought process was this: I have my own young people and I understand their thoughts and challenges when buying a home. I have a lot of experience and am excited to share it. 
For many of us, selling a home and purchasing another is just part of series of such transactions. Laws and rules vary by state, but we have lived the emotions already. We know what to expect.
Working with a first time buyer is completely different. Not only do I help them navigate the emotional, and often stressful, aspects of home buying, but they need ongoing education, as well. I am their hand holder and their cheerleader. I am their therapist and their advisor. My job is to get them from their initial idea of buying a home to the closing table and the keys. 
keys to the homeSince all of my clients are pre-appoved with a lender BEFORE we begin looking at homes, the first thing that I do is work with them to find a lender with whom they will be comfortable. Different lenders have different personalities, as do my clients, and making a match goes a long way to minimizing stress--since the financing is a big part of any purchase. I want my clients to be comfortable with the person who will be calling them and asking them for personal financial information. 
Often the homes a first time buyer is considering are also the same homes that investors and down-sizers are viewing. I need to make sure that my buyers are putting their best offer forward; there is little room for error. Sometimes a client will lose a couple of homes before they understand the process and the advice that I am giving them. They may have heard something from a friend or relative or read something online. Sometimes that advice is helpful and sometimes it can be the difference between a winning and a losing offer. 
My job is to guide, advise and negotiate on behalf of my buyers. This is never more important than with first time buyers. 
If you have any first time buyers who could benefit from working with me, or if you yourself are a first time buyer, please DM, text, email or phone me. I would love to help find that first home!
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