The Top 5 Benefits of Renting Long-Term in Spain

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We have all thought at one point that it would be nice to leave everything in our country and just move under the beautiful sun of Spain. Many people actually do it; whether they want a fresh start, they want to retire there, or even to just experience the culture for a year as they are studying a Spanish course etc. No matter what boat you’re in, these 5 benefits of renting long-term in Spain will be sure to bring your mind to light bout making a choice as to long-term rent in Spain or stay where you are.


  • Try Before Buy

The best thing about long-term lets in Spain is that you can try them before you buy them. Most people can’t just look at a picture of a house and then decide to buy it. It takes a lot of thinking, visiting, and planning. That is why long-term rentals are so good with experiencing the house and life surrounding the house. It can give a clear indication as to whether or not the house is for you. You may like the look of the massive pool with the bushes around it, but in reality, you need to fish leaves out of the pool every day. Not only are its small things like this you need to worry about, but also if you are able to afford life there. Can you afford all the bills, tax, food, pool cleaning chemicals, etc.


  • The Property Market.

You may be thinking about purchasing a home in Spain (after trying it by renting), or perhaps as a short-term holiday rental. No matter the case, you need to consider the property market of both the UK and Spain. The Spanish property market is forecast to grow, meaning nearly all properties may increase in value over the next few years. This makes making a profit very easy. Compared top the UK property market, which is forecast to hit rock bottom in the next few years, Spain sounds a lot better.



  • Tax and Wages

One great thing about life in Spain is that the tax is a lot cheaper than the UK’s tax. This is especially great as in Spain most people like to spend most of the day in the city and their nights spent partying. This would be very expensive to do in the UK, however, in Spain it is nearly half the price. An average one bed apartment in the city for the UK is £130,000 whilst in Spain you will be looking at £87,000 maximum. The wages in the UK do pay a bit higher than in Spain, however, everything in Spain is cheaper than the UK and so it averages out to the cost of living in Spain being overall cheaper than the UK.


  • Selling to Tourists

When you decide to move from a Spanish home to another Spanish home, or perhaps back to the UK, you will have no trouble selling to tourists. Tourists are your best bet when it comes to selling your Spanish property as they can try it by renting first, and they can easily be persuaded if you throw good points as to why it’s the holiday home for them etc. There is also cash buying companies and estate agents in Spain if you don’t want to sell it by yourself. Or maybe you don’t want to sell, which is also completely fine, it just means you have found your dream home already.


  • New Life

Finally, one of the best parts about long-term rentals is you can be who you want to be. It is incredibly freeing to move to another country with less responsibilities, you can relax by the pool, go out partying etc. The sky is the limit. Whoever you are now could easily change when you live in Spain, you could become a completely different person. It is almost like getting a second life, where you can make new friends, find love with different people, and do what you heart desires.


In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits to long-term lets in Spain, however, there are a few negatives. There must always be a bad to a good, however, the positives outweigh the negatives massively. Some negatives include people may not want to leave family/job/friends behind, some people can’t find work in their niche etc. It is negatives that can be solved through and resolved.

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