These Common Home Inspection Issues Can Ruin Your Sale

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If you're selling your home, you might have stopped to consider the many details that go into a home inspection. Whether your place is on the newer side or happens to be old and full of charm, there are a few common issues that could bring the perfect sale to a halt if you aren't careful. Before you sell, it's always a good idea to get your own inspection so that you can fix any issues that arise.

While you may suspect certain problems before an inspector points them out, some can sneak up with no warning. With this in mind, it's much better to catch any potential issues early so that you know your home will sell for what it's truly worth.

1. Plumbing and Pipe Issues

Issues with plumbing and pipes can run the gamut, from a simple leaky faucet to more consuming concerns like internal leaks, valve leaks or lead. Sometimes an odor or visible leak will clue you into these problems, but they can just as easily be silent. 

Some piping issues are easy to fix, while you should leave others to professionals. Plumbing and pipe problems can sometimes lead to other difficulties if left unattended, such as water damage and mold, so it's best to jump on it as early as possible.

2. Mold

Many kinds of mold can infiltrate a home. While some are easy to get rid of, others are a bit more intense. Mold can often grow in hard to reach places, such as crawl spaces or basements. It can also cause serious health problems for those living in the house, including respiratory issues and allergies. If you suspect mold anywhere in your home, call a professional to help you figure out what you're working with.

3. Foundation Issues

The foundation of your home is one of the most important parts of an inspection. It determines the safety and structural integrity, and problems in this area can result in lasting issues. 

While things like tree roots or cracks can make structural issues obvious, some are stealthy as they settle beneath the surface. Often, foundation problems are difficult to fix, but it's better to start late than never. At the very least, awareness of the issue can be an essential part of disclosure when selling.

4. Termites or Bugs

Termites, bugs or any other pests you can think of need to be stopped in their tracks when you become aware of them. Unfortunately, those little guys can do a lot of damage to the internal structure of your house and hurt resale value. Nobody wants to move into a property with uninvited guests. It's best to call an exterminator or pest control specialist to get your problem under control before you list.

5. Wiring and Electrical Problems

Most wiring and electrical issues found in houses are relatively inexpensive to fix. If your inspection reveals that some of your old electrical wiring is problematic or unsafe — such as if you have uncovered junction boxes or too few outlets — there are often easy solutions available. Consider these issues before your list your home to ensure they don't tank the property's value. 

Get Down to Business Before You Sell

Plenty of houses are bound to have their quirks, and it's best to take care of issues that arise as soon as possible so that your sale is a breeze. The sooner you rip off the bandaid, the more room your home has to improve before your next adventure.

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