Disinfecting Your Salem, Oregon Home from Covid-19

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How to Effectively and Safely Sanitize Your Salem Home

The Covid-19 Virus

The Corona Virus pandemic has drastically shifted the way people live their lives. You must learn about the virus so that you can adequately protect yourself and your family. Covid-19 is an envelope-type virus that's transmitted from one person to another through droplets that get into your airways. This usually occurs when you touch your nose or mouth with your hands or something that's contaminated by the virus. 


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Handwashing and Social Distancing

Washing your hands with plain soap and water is one of the best ways of stopping the spread of Covid-19. Soap penetrates the fat-like envelope casing of the virus, effectively killing it upon thorough handwashing. Social distancing guidelines such as wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart helps ensure that the virus has an almost impossible chance of jumping from one person to another. If we prevent the virus from getting into your airways, you'll have no chance of getting infected and possibly spreading it to your loved ones.


Check out our original blog post at https://homesforsalesalemoregon.com/.


Disinfecting Your Home from Covid-19

One of the best ways to keep you home safe from the Covid-19 virus is by properly disinfecting it whenever people visit your home. The virus can survive on surfaces for many days, so using disinfectants that can kill it while not being harmful to your family is an essential tool any homeowner needs to have. The EPA has released a list of approved disinfectants that are proven to kill the virus.

If you're selling your home and are planning a home visit, you want to take the necessary steps to sanitize your home. You'll want to keep all doors and cabinets open during the open house to minimize contact with guests looking at your house. A foot bath at the entryway of your home is an excellent way to disinfect shoes that are potentially contaminated. Masks and gloves for everyone is a must as well as following the proper social distancing guidelines. Depending on your local government requirements, there may be rules you need to follow when hosting an open house during the pandemic. If you're interested in selling your home, our team would be glad to help find you a buyer. Please feel free to contact us for any real estate related questions.


Check out our original blog post at https://homesforsalesalemoregon.com/.

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