What Does Computer Vision Syndrome Mean?

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When the world is driven by technology in every sector like education, health, work or entertainment, you can’t run away from not accessing it. In times like these when the world is hit by a pandemic, many of us are forced to be glued to a digital screen because our work demands so. Due to this many adults and even children are affected by computer vision syndrome. 


Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome can be developed by people who continuously look at digital screens for long hours. The most common symptoms of this issue are headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and shoulder or neck pain. Although computer vision syndrome does not cause permanent damage it can be bothersome dealing with its symptoms.

Tips to Deal with Computer Vision Syndrome


1. Follow 20-20-20 Rule

After every twenty minutes of using a digital screen, you should take a break for twenty seconds and look at something which is twenty feet away. Recommended by doctors, this helpful trick can help relax eye muscles.

While focusing on a close digital screen, we often forget blinking which causes dry eyes. Remember to blink to keep your eyes fresh for a longer time.


2. Regular Eye-tests

Majority of people who experience computer vision syndrome already have prescription glasses. The least you can do for your eyes to get them tested every two years so that you can make sure that your eye strain is not because of wearing improper prescription glasses. 


3. Adequate Screen Brightness

Your digital screen should always be bright enough so that while focusing, there is no extra strain on the eyes. Forcing your eyes to read in dim light with a low brightness level of the screen will not make you work longer. The level of productivity and comfort is directly proportional to the level of lighting. 


4. Use Blue Light Filter Glasses

Specially designed to protect the eyes from a digital screen, blue light filter glasses help in blocking injurious blue rays whose overexposure can lead to many health issues. 


5. Eating Healthy

Taking adequate vitamins and minerals works best for not just eyes but also for the whole body. To maintain a healthy vision, it is important to include foods enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and zinc.


6. Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture can relieve you from the symptoms of shoulder and neck pain. The screen should be at eye level so that there is no pressure on the neck. It should also be kept at arm’s length ideally. 


If the problem still persists after applying all the above tips then you should visit an eye doctor immediately. For buying blue light filter glasses, check out Specscart’s website. They have glasses and sunglasses in different colours and frames in which the X-Blue UV lenses can be applied to any glasses you choose. Frames like aviator glasses, round glasses, geometric glasses and much more are offered at the website. A free home-trial of four frames of eyeglasses can be ordered for a week from Specscart. They follow a no-questions-asked policy on returns which free shipping both sides. 


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