Monday, Monday, (didn't they write a song?)

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I have sometimer's disease every once in a while (not alzeihmer's) and can't remember the rest of the words to that song by the Mama's and Papa's.  But it is Monday!  Yesterday was father's day and I sincerely hope that every father had a terrific day.  I have two sons, 26 and 23, and am very blessed with them.  As they wished me happy father's day I told them how fortunate and proud I was to have them as my sons.  It means a lot to me because I never had a good relationship with my own father.  But I wander....

I had a call yesterday from a potential customer in one of the subdivisions for a builder I work with and the young lady who was calling apologized for bothering me a) on a Sunday and b) on father's day.  I quickly assured her that this was NOT a problem!  I told her that during normal times I could expect to be fairly busy on weekends talking with people, doing pre-quals, setting up applications, or going to the subdivisions or real estate offices to take applications.  I told her that I APPRECIATED the call.  I certainly wish I had had a lot more! 

One thing I try to always remember is that customer service is learned talent.  Making people feel important and wanted is one of the first steps.  When times are busy we might lose track of that somewhat in the "busyness".  I have been doing this long enough to remember other slow times.  Other times when my phone did not ring all that often, other times when it kind of felt like the Maytag repairman" of the commercials.  So when it is busy, which it will be again, I try to remember those slow times to be sure that I focus on each customer and their value to me.  That each one, even if I am not able to do a loan for them, is a person of value, and deserves to be treated as someone special.

I look forward to working with this young lady, a first time homebuyer, and wish that I had about 25 more just like her at the moment.  I don't but when I do I will certainly be sure to remember that each and every one of them is as special as this young lady is!    

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