How to sell and Buy a House Fast for a Fair Price?

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On average, it takes 64 days to sell a house in Denver in 2020. Homes sit on the market for about 29 days before receiving an offer and the closing process takes about 35 days. 

What if you need to sell your house faster than that? Not everyone can wait that long to sell their home. Perhaps your job has transferred you out of state, or you’re rapidly getting behind on your mortgage payments. Regardless, something has you asking yourself “how can I sell my house fast?”

Read on for the answer!

I Need to Sell My House Fast in Denver Colorado! What Are My Options?

Thankfully, there are a couple of good options available for you if you need to sell your house in Denver quickly.


1. With a Real Estate Agent


The first way is to go the conventional route, hire a real estate agent. However, do your homework first. There are real estate agents and then there are motivated agents who will put their all into selling your home as fast as possible.

That’s what you want. 

How the agent handles the listing can have an effect on how fast the property sells. A motivated agent will suggest you take care of any modest repairs, stage your home, hire a professional photographer, and market your home aggressively. If your budget allows, you may wish to offer them a slightly higher commission to add some extra oomph.

However, unless the agent manages to find you a cash buyer, it will still take about a month for your house to close. This is primarily because of how long it takes a buyer to acquire financing.


2. Sell to a Real Estate Cash Buyer


Another option is to sell to a real estate cash buyer. Finding one is easy, just look for a company that specializes in buying houses quickly here in the Denver area. 

A big benefit to this is that all the marketing work is taken out of the picture. You don’t even have to do any repairs in most cases. You can sell the house as-is for a fair price, and close on the home sometimes in as little as a week!

If you need to sell your house in Denver fast, this is definitely the most convenient method. You might be able to get a slightly higher sale price on the open market, but you also don’t spend any money on repairs or marketing materials so it balances itself out. 


How to Sell Your House Fast in Denver 


Due to recent events, cities are seeing a bit of an exodus as many city dwellers seek to get out of tiny apartments and move to suburbia. An increase of work-from-home opportunities has made this possible and more practical for many people.

However, even if your home is located in the Denver Metro, not to fear, the area went from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market in May. And while listings are up in May from April, they are still down almost 17% as compared to May last year. This reduced inventory means less competition for you as a seller. 

With 11 counties, Denver is a huge area. It’s also quite popular, attracting thousands of new residents each year. Look around your neighbourhood and pinpoint what’s unique. Why would a newcomer want to live there as opposed to other places in Denver? Make sure you include this is as a selling point in your marketing materials to help sell your property and its surroundings. 


Genius Tips to Sell Your House Fast


If you decide to put your home on the market, there are a few proactive things you can do to help it sell faster. Let’s look at these genius tips for selling your home fast that will help. 


1. Clean, Declutter, and Stage


Most buyers will have a hard time seeing the potential for a home if it is messy and cluttered when they come to see it. We get it, life is messy sometimes, but your home must be showroom ready when people come to look at it. That’s the best way to turn heads.

Staging is also an important part of preparing your home. This means removing personal touches and setting up the home in a pleasing way. Arrange the furniture and open the curtains to let in lots of natural light and help the space seem bigger. This allows a buyer to more easily envision themselves living in the home — and encourages them to buy it.


2. Hire a Professional Photographer


Photos have always been a hugely important part of your listing. Now, with many people being more reluctant to do in-person showings, photos, videos, and a general virtual walkthrough experience will be invaluable. 

Don’t try to wing it with your iPhone no matter how great it is. Eye-catching photography involves far more than just having a good camera. You may be able to eventually turn heads with your photos, but the goal is to sell quickly.


3. Make Small Repairs


Fix up issues like leaky pipes or obvious damage like a rotten porch step. Cosmetic touchups like new paint also go a long way to improving the look of your home and making a good impression on buyers. 

They are also generally quick and inexpensive. If you’re feeling particularly handy, you can do much of it yourself in a couple of weekends. 

Though buyers may not be averse to a few repairs here and there (especially if it means a discount on the sale price) many people are looking for a move-in ready home. If you can give that to them, you will have a better chance of selling your home faster.


Sell Fast for a Fair Price


While these are all great ideas for selling fast, all of this will take time and money — two things which you might be rather short on at the moment. The easiest way to sell your home fast is to a cash buyer. No repairs, no expensive marketing materials, nothing. 

All it takes is a phone call. Contact us to get a no-obligation offer today and find out how quickly you can sell your house — without all the fuss and work of putting your house on the market. 


How to Buy a House Fast for a Fair Price?


Buying a house in Denver is a huge investment you would ever make. So, you must make sure that every decision you make during the buying process is calculated and informed. Moreover, you should keep yourself updated to reduce the probability of committing some common mistakes.

Here are a few tips mentioned that can help you buy a house fast for a fair price.




You must have a proper budget plan while buying a house. If you rush into buying a house you fall in love with, at first sight, you might end up paying extra money than its actual value. So, you should take your budget limitations into considerations to avoid any financial crisis or disasters later. Moreover, if you plan to take financial loans to make the payments, you should get done with it to have written documents in your hand that you can later show to your realtor. It will also help you stay stick to your budget plan.




You will also need professional help to find the best house for a fair price. You can ask your family members, friends, and close ones for the recommendations for the realtor. It can help you save from a lot of bad experiences and choices. Also, you should ask the realtors to provide you with a few trustworthy references to see whether their past clients were satisfied with their services or not. You must keep in mind that a realtor might not be looking for your best interests. He would prefer to close the deal as soon as possible to get his commission. So, you might have to push him to wait until you find the best deal at the most affordable price.


Online Websites


The internet is a great source of help when it comes to finding a house fast at a fair price. Different online websites claim “We Buy Houses in Denver” by offering fast cash to the sellers. You can get in touch with any of such authentic and renowned websites. It will help make your buying process smoother and faster. However, you must make sure the payment methods of those websites are secured. You can also read the reviews and suggestions of the visitors to see how it worked for them to buy houses from that particular website.




You must hire an inspector in Denver based on your research or others’ recommendations to get different houses inspected. It will help you detect leaks, molds, and other hidden problems. This way, you can negotiate the price of the house with the seller. Any good seller would be willing to compensate you for the problems. You can also request him to get the issues fixed or provide you with an estimated amount of money that is required for the repairs or replacements. To avoid any conflict and dispute, you can also ask the seller to sign a written document that has all the details.   


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