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Do you have a real estate need? Is something motivating you to need or want to move? Something big could be happening in your neighborhood or you life that you want to buy a home or sell your home.


Has your employment situation changed since the start of this pandemic? Is there something about your current home or residence that isn't working for your family any longer? Chances are someone you know, your sister, your best friend, your parents have all bought or sold a home recently...


Working and now that school is back in session, at home, has you constantly saying..."we need more space!"


You just saw that your good friend from college post on Facebook that they bought a house and you are in love with their backyard. It has an awesome wrap around deck, perfect landscaping, a hammock and of course a fire pit. The garden space is gorgeous and they have become somewhat of urban gardeners through this pandemic and it makes you think, "I want that, I want our own garden space in our new place!" start looking online just to see, what could I get for our place? Where to even begin? Where would we move? What would WE have to pay for our dream house? You start making a list and do the thing most everyone does at this point. You look up on Zillow or Redfin to get an idea what you could get for your house if you were to sell it right now. Those sites are great but they kind of pool all the info of what your house could be worth based on what recently has sold in the area. Just based on numbers. You need a personal evaluation from real agents who are currently working in the neighborhood you are in to give you a realistic evaluation. 


With our current conditions of our Seattle and Pacific Northwest areas, iventory is low, competition is fiece. Indeed, it is a FANTASTIC time to sell your home! It is also a great time to buy a home! Or, a piece of land, investment property, a little vacation spot, a condo for your aging parents and the list goes on and on. Your new property or dream home is obtainable with the right plan...which includes working with the right agents who know how to navigate this crazy market with you, negotiating for you on your behalf all the way through. Agents who are committed to you, not just the sale. 


Mortgage rates are the lowest they have been in decades. Several things will help you obtain a favorable loan. A really important piece of having the winning offer is having a down payment ready and especially for your opening offer, your earnest money. Most times a seller is looking at that as how serious are you / what are they initially putting on the line? Be ready. Your loan officer will help determine your overall budget for your personal situation. Your agents will help guide you in what it takes to win the bid. You'll need to keep or hold onto some funds for inspections and moving expenses, which is all part of the process. It is also a good idea and recommended to hold off buying anything like new furniture and decor until after you close on your purchase.


Having good credit scores and work history helps an underwriter give the "all clear" that you are a good risk for the lender to loan you the money for your purchase. Be prepared that underwriters will call up until the last day or the day of funding to verify your employment. They want to make sure you are good credit risk for them. If you don't have all of those items in place, it doesn't necessarily mean you cannot get a loan, you may just need to clean up a few things. It might mean you pay a little higher interest rate than someone who has high credit scores and more money to put down. It may mean you need to wait a little and have some work to do first. 


If you are worried about what you might be able to get, a good place to start is working with an experienced, trusted lender. We have several we can connect you to. They may be able to pre-approve you that day! They may suggest you talk to a credit specialist who can help you get yourselves in better position before you start shopping. Lenders want to write good business and work with borrowers who can and will repay the loans they open. 


The rate you could lock in today's market is a rate that could (depending on what your lender can do for you) be a historically low interest rate. The rates currently are the lowest they have been in decades. The affordability is high, and the buying power right now, is your favor. It takes patience, persistence and strategy. 


This Pacific Northwest market, right now, is crazy! You are going to need your own agents by your side. Agents who are committed to you, not just the sale. Like Seattle Level Up. 


Just like the actual move, you can probably do this on your own, but it is much better, less stressful and easier to hire the right professionals. Especially if there is competition. You need a plan. Weather you are buying or selling a home (and most of the time it is both) is a process that turns everything upside down for a while. We are sure of that. That is why it is so important to team up with someone who knows how to guide you through. Let our experience go to work for you.  


Big changes bring stress and chaos. You need a professional you don't have to ask what is happening. Someone who is committed to your project. Seattle Level Up makes that commitment to you, not just the sale. We have helped clients find dog walking services, Childcare, Air B n B's, Temporary rental homes, Moving companies, Carpet cleaning and deep cleaning services, Furniture companies, Painters and Storage areas. We have helped clients post things on OfferUp! We have made dump runs. We have helped our clients pack and do little things they need help with at their homes after they move in. We follow up to see if they have found their new mailboxes. If their old home has mail they need that didn't transfer, we have helped them track that from the old residence and make sure they get their mail. We keep in touch, we know you all need help with things when you are going through this giant process. 


You want someone who "gets you" someone who supports your wants, needs and desires. Seattle Level Up is committed to you. We don't have a crystal ball. What we do know is how to make sense of the data of what is happening in your neighborhood. How to determine price evaluations. We do know what gets the right attention to draw the actual buyers, and what not to do. Our job is to market your property or help you find and obtain the property you really want, or both! Seattle Level Up is here as a partner with you to take some of the stress off of you. We are here to help you decide where to focus your energy to get your home ready for sale. Big changes bring chaos. Seattle Level Up is here to help you manage the chaos. 


Do you have a real estate need? Is something motivating you to need or want to move? Something big could be happening in your neighborhood or you life that you want to buy a home or sell your home now, Seattle Level Up are the kind of agents who are committed to you, not just the sale. 

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