Avoid Capital Gains Tax Without a 1031 Exchange

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Are you dreading selling your home, rental or business and paying 30-50% in capital gains tax and depreciation recapture? Or maybe you're tired of feeling stuck with your time and energy being depleted with the toilets, trash, tenants, liability, employees, and management of owning your assets.

Would you love to find a solution to sell, pay off debt and if desired, buy again at optimal timing? Without having to locate a replacement property under the deadlines imposed by a 1031 Exchange?

There is a way - it's called the Deferred Sales Trust. It's a 9-step process as follows:

1. Say goodbye to feeling trapped by capital gains tax.

2. Sell your primary home, business or investment real estate all tax-deferred.

3. Pay off debt and diversify your equity into multiple investment vehicles.

4. Decrease the time and energy it takes to manage your property or business.

5. Eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange and 40% estate tax.

6. Purchase replacement investment property at your own time, if you choose to.

7. Sever your partnership in a customized seamless way, if you have a  partnership.

8. Slash your tax bill by maximizing a new depreciation schedule. if you buy again.

9. Gain liquidity and use the net rental income advantage: If you buy a property through the DST you don't have to take the rental income. Instead, the income can be put back into the DST and invested in Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds. This can lower your tax bracket saving you thousands!

To learn more, ask for my 8-page brochure that provides a more in-depth description, or ask for the e-book titled "Sell Your Real Estate or Business Smarter in 9 Steps." Call, text or email me at the number and email address below.

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Good evening Peter Nielsen 

I may have to do some in depth research to find out more information about DST's and how it works.  Thank you for the information. 

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