How to grow 4c hair longer, thicker, and healthier

Industry Observer with Justine Mfulama

In order to grow your 4c hair faster and longer, you must use different protective styles. Especially with the harsh winter weather approaching, you want to make sure that your hair is protected. 


And the truth is that there is not much you can do to increase the rate at which your hair is growing. However, the best way to grow long and strong hair fast is by reducing breakage. 


That’s why I figured I’d share how to actually protective style your hair for growth. It is one of the most promising methods when it is done correctly, but can be tragic if done wrong. 


By incorporating a few of the steps I’m about to share you can wear protective styles without losing your edges or experiencing a lot of breakage and shedding. 


These hair growth tips are for natural hair and relaxed hair alike and can be applied to both types of 4c hair. So, if you are wondering how to grow long healthy 4c hair, then this post is perfect for you. 


1) Carefully removing the protective style

When you take down your protective style you should not rush to get it over with, but really take your time to do it carefully. While your hair is in a protective style it has time to grow and you will oftentimes see the increase in inches. However, by taking your hair down with excessive pulling and tagging, all you do is break off the inches you just gained.


2) Amount of time left in the hair

Whenever you install a protective style it requires some type of manipulation on your 4c hair. You either have to stretch it out or blow it out, so that you can braid, twist, or cornrow your hair. Therefore the less frequently you manipulate your hair the better. That’s why you want to leave in a protective style for as long as three months if possible. That will allow you to retain more length from the hairstyle and reduce the amount of manipulation on your natural hair. 


3) Choosing the right protective styles 

Before choosing a protective style you want to consider a few things. For one, ask yourself how much manipulation the style requires. The simpler the style, the less manipulation is needed. Especially for those women that have very fine hair, a simpler style may work out better. And for two how heavy the style will be on your hair. If your hair can’t withstand weight, then you may have to switch to a style that does not require additional hair. 


4) Protein treatments

Doing a protein treatment right before you install your protective style can also help a lot. By doing a treatment you give your hair an energy boost that will provide your scalp and hair strands with the necessary nutrients and moisture needed. 


5) Don’t put too much pressure on your hair

The number one reason why women with 4c hair are not seeing the anticipated growth from braids or cornrows is that the style was installed too tight. If you are used to taking ibuprofen after getting your hair braided something is fundamentally wrong. You have to ensure that your hairstylist does not apply too much pressure to your hair or pull your roots. Either ask for a style that won’t put too much tension on your hair or look for a different hairstylist.  


If you follow these tips during the installation process of your protective style you will notice much less shedding and much more hair retention. 

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