Breaking soul ties and generational curses

Industry Observer with Justine Mfulama

Soul ties are formed by having a close-knit bond with another person. Someone that you send a lot of time with, you are very close to and are emotionally, spiritually, or physically intimate with.


These spiritual and emotional bods can be very intense and lead to a number of good and bad emotions. However, once the relationship is over you want to break the soul tie in order to move on. 


1. Accept 

The first step is to accept and acknowledge it. They say the truth will set you free, so you have to be honest with yourself that you are still hung up on this man. Even if you are ashamed of the relationship or the breakup and don’t want to admit it to your friends, have compassion with yourself, and take the first steps to break free from this emotional bond. 


2. Pray 

Prayer is a powerful tool if you are looking to break soul ties and generational curses. It brings clarity into your thought and allows you to openly share your situation with God. By praying you invite God into the midst and become more effective in your endeavor. And you can even write out your prayer as a letter to God if you don’t feel comfortable saying it. 


3. Get an accountability partner

The main problem with a soul tie is that you are constantly reminded of the other person. Therefore, you often feel like calling or texting them, especially when the feelings still hurt. However, just because you miss them it is not always a good idea to contact them. Some people have left your life for a good reason. In order to keep yourself from rekindling an unhealthy relationship, you need to get an accountability partner. Ask a close friend to help you get over him by checking in with you regularly. Call them instead of your ex when you feel lonely or sad.


4. Remove all communication

Just like with a regular break up it is very important that you cut off all Iines of communication if you are experiencing a soul tie. You don’t want to keep in touch with that person, because that will just continue to feed the soul tie and make it harder for you to let go. Instead, delete his number and block him on any social media sites. That also means you have to stop stalking them behind their back and cut off contact with their family or friends. This might seem hard and cruel, however, you are prioritizing your well-being by guarding your heart.


5. Remove all memories

This is a very tough one because we usually have a lot of keepsakes and memories of people that meant a lot to us. That could be his favorite sweater, vacation pictures, and more. And it’s understandable if you want to hold on to them because they remind you of a season in your life. However, every time you look at these different objects you are taken back to a specific memory and trigger these feelings. And that may lead you to contact them. So, you have to get rid of all objects that remind you of that season together.


Remember that breaking a soul tie means that you are also initiating your healing journey. So the faster you break the soul tie and heal, the faster you will be available for new love again. I hope you now understand what are a soul ties and how to break it. 


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