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Right now may be one of the best times to purchase a property in the city of Parkland.

The Real Estate in the city of Parkland is offering for those who want and can buy now, opportunities hard to believe a couple of years ago.

Parkland, as any other city in USA, couldn't escape from the foreclosures and "short sales" market.

At this time when I'm writing this blog there are 31 properties in the city of Parkland under $400,000.00 yes I did write the price right and also the number of properties, and not only under $400,000.00 but also I can show you 2 properties that are under $300,000.00 or another 9 properties in the city of Parkland that are listed under $350,000.00.

This numbers are to give you a general idea of the Real Estate opportunities, but there are all other kind of great deals out there in this great city of Parkland. I can tell you that I can sell you a property right now sitting in over 1 acre lot for under $600,000.00. Some of these houses were selling for over $1M just a couple of years ago.

Short Sales Market or also called pre-foreclosure. Foreclosures Market and real sellers that want to sell at the right price, those are you multiple choices in the real Estate Market in the city of Parkland right now. How long are they going to last? Oh well, that I don't know. What I know it is that the good doesn't last forever and neither the bad.


Call you Real Estate Agent in the City of Parkland Benito Borrero if you need any assistance.

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