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It’s about a lot more than just solar! Read on, and find out the best way to increase the production of your solar system...

Not only do they install solar systems-check out what they have to say about this revolutionary product they have, to coat Your panels with! It will be my next Home Improvement project! What is even better-is that this Non-Toxic product can be used on most all household surfaces-not just your solar panels...Check this out~ 

NorCal Nano SC can help achieve many of your goals and create a safer and non-toxic healthier environment. 

In these times of isolation due to the Covid-19 virus, there has never been a better time to focus and change the way we think about protecting (reactive to proactive) our homes, schools, public facilities, medical facilities, and places of business.


NorCal Nano is an exclusive distributor of Nano Power International with a proprietary coating to treat and protect light emitting (bulbs and covers), hard surfaces (windows, door knobs, light fixtures, counter tops, desks, grocery baskets, gas pump handles, card reader machines) and other frequently touched areas.


Our non-toxic Nano SC coating is activated by natural and artificial light that breaks down, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. Bacteria and viruses cannot live in our Nano Coated environment. The Nano Coating works by breaking down the cell wall of the organism so it doesn’t survive. Also, a one-time application lasts 10 years!


Our proprietary formula is the most powerful bacteria and virus fighting coating on the market. Our technology breaks down up to 99.9% of airborne toxins, pollutants, bacteria, flu viruses, volatile organic compounds, mold, mildew, fungi, and other microorganisms. When illuminated by light it immediately and continuously begins clean surrounding surfaces within a 20-foot radius. Nano SC is non-toxic and 3x stronger than chlorine for surfaces and 1.5x stronger than ozone for air.


We have research and documented evidence to back up our claims. We can even perform onsite testing of your surfaces to identify the virus/bacteria count before and verify the results after the treatment.


Our services create the healthiest possible environment for people at the facility and the people they come in contact afterwards. Now is the time to get ahead and create long-term protection.


From Adrian and Bob-"We as individuals, friends, family and communities have the ability to help one another and make lives better. We look forward to speaking with you about helping create the safest non-toxic home, work, home and community environment."


Also, info at http://www.norcalnanosc.com  FOR SOLAR.Solar System Nano coating



Give them a call today and start saving!


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