Signs God is leading you to the one

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When you are single and actively dating, it can get frustrating and confusing from time to time. Because at every swipe and interaction you ask yourself “Could he be the one”. It is very easy to be so caught up in your own desire for marriage that you idolize the guy before he ever committed to you.


And that is a major problem. 


When being in a relationship becomes an idol, we oftentimes make decisions while dating based on poor motivations. The desire to be married then suddenly becomes the highest priority in your life and dictates every aspect of it. Instead of God being the one leading you to the one, you take matters into your own hands and end up hurt or lonely. 


As someone who has a track record in getting into the wrong relationships, I can now honestly say that acting outside of God’s will is never worth it. A relationship is so much better when you wait for him and look for the signs God wants you to be with someone


That’s why in this post, I want to share a few of the signs that God is leading you to the one, that will allow you to chill out and stop stressing in your waiting season. 



You feel at peace in your single season:

Whenever my clients tell me that they despise their single season, I feel for them, but I also tell them that that is not the right attitude to have. See, good things come to good people. And so healthy and happy relationships come to happy and healthy people. 


When all you do is mope around and be sad about your relationship status, then you won’t be a magnet for a fun and loving man.


You will know that God is leading you to the one when you feel a sense of peace in your singleness and are able to truly enjoy this season. You won’t feel anxious or confused like you used to, but instead, you will feel energized and excited about life. 


God’s peace will fill your heart and you will know that this time of being by yourself is anointed and serving a purpose.




Your life is falling into place:

There are a lot of years of my life that I look back to and wonder why I thought I wanted to be in a relationship or even married back then. The truth is I was not ready! Either because of some personal goals that I am so proud of achieving now or because so much has happened since then that makes me a much more desirable partner. 


The truth is, in order to maintain a healthy and loving relationship, your life needs to be at a point where it is ready to maintain one. 


When God is leading you to the one, you will notice things falling into place and your work, your living situation, your friendships aligning with his purpose for your life. It’s like you will finally have created an environment where you are able to receive the one. 



You have grown as a person:

And of course, my personal favorite, because I am a personal development snob is that you have grown as a person. 


Believe it or not, most of the people who want to be in a relationship, are not really ready for one. We still have childish ways to ourselves and don’t possess the communication, relationship, or self-awareness skills needed to navigate a romantic relationship.


But when God is leading you to the one, you will notice how things that used to bother you in the past for no specific reason, you now have compassion for. You will notice how your demeanor has gotten calmer and you are less irritable. You will notice how you can co-exist with people that have different world views than you, without judging or shaming them. 


I hope these three signs will help you in your single season and help you know when God wants you to be with someone. 

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