Signs your girlfriend is clingy

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When you first got together, you were so attracted to her independence and confidence. She would give you space and hang out with her friends when you weren’t available. But suddenly things have changed. 


The sexy, fun girl that you met a few months ago now has turned into a needy woman and clingy girlfriend that is controlling and jealous. And you are starting to wonder whether that is normal or if she is going too far. Here are 3 signs of clingy behavior that you need to know and call out. 



She texts you day and night

The most obvious sign that your girlfriend is needy is that she keeps texting you all day and expects you to text back immediately. While she may be doing that because she loves you and feels excited about talking to you, she also needs to realize that you have a life without her too.



She acts nervous when you don’t respond

How does she react when you fail to respond (immediately) to one of her texts or calls? Does she get irritated or even mad when you reply late or don’t call back? No matter how much she loves, if she repeatedly acts overly possessive and insecure, it’s normal that you may feel chained and suffocated by her. 



She is overly jealous and possessive

Does your girlfriend get jealous of your (female) friends sometimes? Or does she overreact when you share a story that involves another woman? If yes, then that is a clear sign that your girlfriend is clingy. She needs to remember that you have a life outside of her that involves other people, including women. And that she has to trust you if you have never given her a reason not to.



She stalks you

Another needy girlfriend sign is when she gets overly anxious about your past relationships and social media activity. If your girlfriend invests the time to go through every past picture on your Instagram or asks you to share your social media passwords with her, then it is a sign that she is insecure in the relationship and acting clingy. 



She needs a lot of attention and reassurance

If your girlfriend needs constant reassurance no matter how many times you tell her that you love her or how much you try to show her that, then it’s a sign that she is clingy. A clingy partner will take reassurance to the extreme because of her fear that you may leave. 



She doesn’t have a life of her own

Does it feel like your girlfriend tags along everywhere with you? Did she give up on all her hobbies to be with you every free minute of her day? Needy women will oftentimes abandon their friends and interests in order to spend more time with you. She will make you her only priority, thus being overly available.



She controls your every move

The final and probably most annoying trait of a clingy girlfriend is that she will try to control your social life. You will notice that she hates it when you go out with other people and throw a fit about it. She tries to control who you hang out with and what you do in your free time. And if it is something/ someone she disapproves of, she will guilt-trip you.



If any of these signs of a clingy girlfriend resonated with you, then it may be time that you have an honest conversation with your partner and find a solution that will make the relationship more enjoyable for the two of you. 

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