Clear Cooperation Policy Devalued the Professional Realtor

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The National Association of Realtors instituted the Clear Cooperation Policy this year. As a Realtor who is forced to be a member of this association to practice real estate, I am angry.

This policy does not look out for NAR members, the Realtors. Nor does it serve the public -no matter what they say. Here is why….

For most people, their home is the most expensive asset that they will buy and sell in their lifetime. You should take it seriously and hire a truly skilled professional.   My experience and skills allow me to serve my clients who choose to hire me BETTER than part-time or e-Companies like Zillow. I am in sales… I am a full-time pro-active Real Estate Sales Agent who uses my years of experience and skill to help me sell and find properties for my clients. This policy squashes my skills that set me apart from part-time Realtors who have other jobs or from internet-based companies like Zillow who sling properties like hot dogs, mislead the public and steal our listing data.

When NAR does their survey about what is most important to consumers in a Realtor, what did they say? TRUST…. Communication…. Do those part-time Realtors who don’t know the day-to-day market changes, forms, rules and regs and don’t answer their phones until their primary job is done, or the internet-based companies like Zillow and OfferPad care about the best price for their client? Do they care about you at all or do they care about the transaction? They are numbers-based mentalities – quantity not quality.

The true experienced professionals have built networks and relationships. We can reach out to colleagues and groups when a Buyer client has a need…. Realtors who we have worked with who know that working with us and our team is going to be a pleasant and rewarding experience for all parties….as home-buying should be. An ethical experience

We were able to get creative and do “Coming Soon” campaigns and launch events, or reach out when a Homeowner doesn’t want their house listed to the open public for whatever reason….we can sell their property because we know how to do it.

When you take away the very thing that sets the true top professionals apart from the rest, then what are we left with? We might as well all put gold suit coats on and make every house in a neighborhood the same price regardless of condition or the quality photography and marketing of a property.

If you are going to do that, then why continue playing sports? Why not just have the NFL teams go out there and kick a ball around for fun. That way there is no competition, and everyone is on the same playing field. No winners, no losers. Just a bunch of guys running around throwing a ball.

As a Consumer, NAR provides a brochure on interview questions to find an excellent, qualified Realtor. Well, NAR – you might as well dump that because you are making us all the same. You are taking away the value of sales skills and our ability to shine. If the consumer wants the best price, quality service, professionalism -they SHOULD hire a TOP Agent.

For YEARS, our New Listing Process has included a sign with a COMING SOON rider while the homeowner might be doing some work to get it ready -we can advertise that this property will be available for purchase soon. AND, if it is a neighborhood that we work in frequently, the neighbors know us and it helps us, the Realtor, get more listings. Then, we do a Coming Soon mailing for a weekend opening launch event where we invite the neighbors for a private preview, have some brunch and if they know anyone looking to move -they can tell them all about it. Or, if they are thinking of moving, we can meet them in person and talk to them about how we can help them. We would have an entire social media campaign in which we would advertise Coming Soon. In doing these proactive steps, we were able to get top dollar and many times sell our listings prior to or at the time of listing or get multiple offers. This is smart business, we are Business Owners, but we cannot do any of that anymore.

You cannot say these practices do not give the consumer a fair advantage. It encourages the consumer to make sure they hire an experienced and skilled professional Realtor. Using your cousin Harry because he is family to help you with your most expensive asset is not wise; unless of course, Cousin Harry is qualified for the job and knows how to sell a home in your neighborhood.  NAR should be promoting consumers to interview and find the best agents who will look out for their best interests and do the best job possible. That means finding a proactive agent who will do all this preliminary work and get you top dollar versus sticking it on the MLS with dark, terrible photos taken with a cell phone and let it just sit there and pray that the buyers call.

What about the Home Seller that does not want their home on the open market for whatever reason?? Maybe privacy, security…. Experienced agents KNOW how to sell their property!   If you are a buyer and want access to properties such as that – HIRE A QUALIFED PROFESSIONAL REALTOR, not your husband’s co-worker’s sister.

And your “Coming Soon” status for 30 days where you can still show it and accept offers – WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT?? If you insist on this barbaric policy that doesn’t serve anyone but the companies you’re clearly in bed with, than make the COMING SOON status available for 90 days.

This is ridiculous and you have taken a profession that already had issues with how easy it is to get licensed and made it worse. Why would you do this? Unacceptable.

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Kelli Grant is a CLHMS and Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

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I agree with your article. Especially in the light that ceratin consumer websites still allow "Coming Soon" listings. All clear cooperation did was handcuff a listing agent and in effect hurt the seller. It was bad policy that was implemented for the wrong reasons.

Sep 11, 2020 03:58 PM
Kelli Grant


Sep 11, 2020 08:42 PM