Does Vacuuming Ruin Carpet?

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Vacuuming is a household chore that maintains the cleanliness of your carpet and your home in general. It isn’t done daily but on a regular basis and you may have wondered, “Does vacuuming ruin carpet?” Should you vacuum after carpet cleaning? Read and find out how often should you vacuum your carpet.

Adjusting the Settings

Vacuuming is undoubtedly a useful means of keeping germs and other toxic elements at bay, as you can have dirt sucked up from the carpet. However, some people argue that this task can easily wear out the carpet fibers because of frequent pulling and stretching caused by a rotating bar or brush.

Does vacuuming ruin carpet? It’s possible that you are overworking your carpet especially when you don’t choose the correct vacuum settings. Adjusting the right setting is like picking a bike that will work best for you.

How Often to Vacuum Carpet

Your vacuum has adjustable settings to customize the cleaning intended for certain surfaces. The bare floor setting is just one of the multiple settings available and it shouldn’t be used when vacuuming carpets. Height settings need to be adjusted since a too low setting can either damage the vacuum or the carpet while an extremely high setting may not be effective in sucking up dirt.

For starters, you can first use the highest setting before adjusting it until you can feel that the vacuum is tugging at the fibers. Should you vacuum after carpet cleaning? Yes, as long as the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned as in steam cleaning, then you’re good to go.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

Perhaps you have already wondered, “How often should I vacuum to avoid wearing out the carpet fibers?” You may encounter reappearing stains on your carpet so you really need to find time in vacuuming your carpet regularly. Seeing carpet fluff in your vacuum cleaner’s dust bin may freak you out, but it’s normal. Carpets last for a long time and they can withstand frequent vacuuming.

How often should you vacuum carpet? Instead of worrying too much about how often should you vacuum your house or your carpet, worry about not frequently vacuuming it. Just like how termites in the ceiling can damage your property, you need to be wary of mites and bacteria that can thrive in your carpet if dirt stays too long.

Allotting time to vacuum your carpet is like allotting space for building a pool at home. Learning how often to vacuum carpet is essential. You might be worried about how often should you vacuum your carpet. Vacuuming every day isn’t necessary and it is advisable to do it twice a week especially for carpet areas with high foot traffic. Meanwhile, how often should you vacuum carpet areas that have less foot traffic? The remaining area may just be vacuumed once a week. You will want to avoid using powdered deodorizers since they are bad for your carpet.

How Often Should You Vacuum Carpet

Vacuuming reduces dirt buildup so feel free to do it frequently. If you’re still worried about overdoing how often to vacuum carpet, you can also consider using a carpet protecting spray. Just be mindful of the warranty, as it can be voided when certain products are used on carpets. How often should you vacuum your house depends on you, and you can simply use the guidelines for vacuuming carpets.

Now that you have the answers to, “Does vacuuming ruin carpet?” and “how often should I vacuum?”, it’s time to take on that DIY maintenance project. If carpet maintenance tires you, you can consider switching to hardwood floors, and you just need to be mindful of the pros and cons of both options. 

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