Live Free or Die Hard - Review

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This flick has some problems, but they are forgivable. Live Free is a wonderful Die Hard sequel. It captures the outmatched feel of the first two pictures, and recovers McClane's trademark sarcasm that was missing in the all thumbs, shabbily plotted third film (Die Hard with a Vengeance).

In no way does Live Free measure up to the first. It would be unreasonable to think that it ever could. But as an extension of the story, Live Free delivers. Bruce Willis reprises the character of John McClane. Live Free or Die Hard begins like its predecessors (McClane having a personal crisis). Shortly after his argument with his daughter Lucy he's told to go pick up a computer hacker dork that is wanted by the FBI.

The fireworks start shortly after that. That's because the geek isn't only wanted by the feds, he's a major burden for the person who contracted him. That man, Thomas Gabriel, wants him 'wacked' in a big way. So big in fact, that he'll wipe out everything and anything associated to the dork with all he's got access to (and he's got a lot). Regrettably, for Gabriel, the computer nerd is in the guardianship of Mr. McClane and as we all know he is difficult as hell to kill. That being said, I loved this movie. If you like nonstop action you will love this!!!

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