5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Invitations

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laser cut wedding invitationSelecting the right wedding invitations is an important part of the wedding planning process. After all, your wedding invitations will set the tone for the rest of your wedding. As such, care should be taken to ensure you are selecting the right invitations to suit your special day. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you will be sure to get the best wedding invitations at the lowest cost possible.

Tip #1: Explore All of Your Options

The first thing you should do when choosing wedding invitations is to explore all of your options. While off-the-shelf invitations may be more economical, you might not be able to find a design to suit your needs. Similarly, do-it-yourself invitations can be time consuming.

On the other hand, if you are a creative individual or if you are planning a casual wedding that doesn’t require anything special, one of these options might work for you. Another option is to look online, as there are many online vendors who offer unique and affordable wedding invitation designs.

Tip #2: Consider Readability

When selecting the colors and fonts that you will use on your wedding invitation, be sure to choose fonts and colors that are legible.

Furthermore, make sure the font is large enough for all of your invitees to read. Dark colors are always best when it comes to print color.

Tip #3: Get Creative

While your wedding invitations help to set the mood for your wedding, this doesn’t mean you have to be too literal when selecting your invitations. Beach wedding invitations, for example, do not necessarily have to feature seashells or other items associated with the beach.

Rather, you might simply select a card with scalloped edges that conjure up images of waves. Or, if you are planning a wedding at a winery, your invitations do not necessarily have to feature grapes or wine glasses.

Rather, something more subtle such as a monogram or embossing associated with the venue may be a better option. Consider the mood you want to set as well as your personal interests when determining the design that is right for you.

Tip #4: Order Other Paper Items at the Same Time

If you plan to purchase items such as wedding programs, place cards, menus and thank you cards, it is a good idea to discuss these items with your stationer at the same time you discuss your invitations. Not only will this ensure all of your items are coordinated properly, but you might also be able to get a discount if you order all of these items through the same company.

Tip #5: Be Sure to Order in Time

In general, wedding invitations should be ordered three to four months before the big day. If you are getting a custom design or if your invitations will include hand-applied details, on the other hand, you should allow at least six months for the articles to be completed.

Remember, your goal should be to send the invitations out 8 to 10 weeks before your wedding date. Therefore, you need to be sure to order them early enough to address the envelops and get them sent out by this time.

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