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Ok, I know, one is neva' supposed to talk about politics or religion. Especially in these days!

Well, if you know me, you know I am passionate about both, so it might be hard to keep my mouth shut.

I am so proud to live here in Sandpoint, Idaho.

We can proclaim our faith, open carry, speak our minds, and put bumper stickers on our cars without worry about getting your car keyed or other retribution occurring.

We don't have to lock our doors, have security systems, or worry about crime.

We can go to Church and hear the truth and not get sugar-coated tickle your ears sermons about how about what they think we want to hear in order to fill the pews.

We can pray when we eat meals in restaurants, while most others around you are as well. We don't have to wear masks; it's a choice.

We can go to a rodeo, and the opening song is "I can only imagine."

We kneel for the cross and stand for the flag.

We can go to a local football game where moms and dads show up and cheer on their children.

When Antifa threatened to come to our town, the city hall parking lot was full of people defending our town and our lives. All standing amongst our BLUE, no, not trying to do their jobs but offering our Blue support. Guess who didn't show?

We can have a Boat Parade down our lakes and the rivers supporting our choice of Presidential candidate. We can walk our two-mile bridge over the lake, waving our flags.

We pray for our Country and our President, our Police and our God-fearing leaders, and God hears our prayers. God-fearing leaders.

We are a God-fearing place, and I pray that with all the new people flooding here to escape the kind of life they can no longer tolerate, that they understand and appreciate what we are, what we stand for, leave themselves where they left and embrace a simple, honest, good, clean way of life.

We welcome you, but may I personally ask you to remember why you wanted to come here.

Adapt to the excellent simpler, God fearing, hot dog eating, gun carrying, Church filled beautiful, majestic clean, and pure area of Northern Idaho. People who beelive in God and America still.

We don't need another West Coast in our little North portion of the great state of Idaho.








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