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It can be difficult to salvage a mattress after a flood. While you can remove most of the water, mould and harmful contaminants may linger inside even after treatment. At Flood Services Sydney, we offer expert water extraction Sydney and know how to handle mattresses of all sizes. Our experts will offer straightforward and honest advice on the matter so you can make an informed decision.

How to Dry a Mattress?

It is important to start drying the material immediately. The longer your mattress stays wet, the most likely it is to develop mould. As experienced professionals in wet carpet drying in Sydney, here’s what we recommend:

Strip Bedding – Remove all soaked sheets and bedding immediately. Wash what you can and discard unusable materials. It is better to dry different components of a bed separately.

Dry-Wet Vacuum – Use a dry-wet shop-style vacuum to extract excess water from the material. Regular household vacuums won't work here and you may even damage them permanently. Use a proper dry-wet appliance that is designed for water extraction in Sydney.

Absorb Lingering Moisture – Use absorbent towels and/or kitty litter to draw out more moisture. The litter will absorb water and become saturated after some time. Once it is wet, remove it with a vacuum and add another layer. You must keep repeating the process until the litter or towels remain dry.

Remove Stains – Use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar mix, or dish soap to remove any stains from the material. Mixing 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part dish soap can help eliminate most stains. Scrub the stain with this solution and let the compound sink in before wiping it off.

Dry the Mattress – Dry the mattress using a dehumidifier or industrial-sized fans. You can also place it in the sunlight if there’s no chance of rain. Make sure the mattress is off the bed frame and exposed on most sides before doing this. Drying can take anywhere between 8 hours to a couple of days based on moisture levels. Check every few hours and only stop using fans after it feels completely dry.

Disinfect – It is important to disinfect even if the flood had clean water. Use a combination of rubbing alcohol and water to thoroughly sanitise the material. You can either spray this solution on the mattress or wipe its surface with a soaked cloth. Alcohol will evaporate quickly so you don’t need to worry about additional drying time.

If the flood had contaminated water, sewage, or water from unknown locations, consider replacing your mattress. Even a thorough cleaning won’t eliminate all of the germs and you may experience health problems later. Consult with professional cleaners if you’re uncertain because it is better to be safe than sorry. Pathogens in contaminated water can cause serious illnesses.

If you want to know more about our expertise in wet carpet drying in Sydney or want to book a service, don’t hesitate to call at 02 9167 9435. You can book a free assessment today!


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