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If you Real Estate or any other business has been suffering or damaged beyond recognition or if you are doing well and want to scale your business to a much higher level of success tune in live to Gary Vaynerchuk (one of my Gurus of business and if you have never heard of him you have truly missed out, but it's never too late!) ) on ABC Good Morning America (GMA) Ch 7 beginning @ 7 A.M-9 A.M. You can go online and be part of the video conversation and ask or post your questions to Gary.  He has over time assisted me in improving our brokerage and especially during and after Covd-19 pandemic he will surely benfit our business in pivoting and scaling it to increased profits, optimum R.O.I and continue to be a lucrative enterprise.  If you have never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, today just make you a follower.  His net worth is approaching 200,000,000 and when you see him, don't judge a book by its cover.  Read the "Millionaire Next Door" and you will be enlightened.  Also, if you are in cash, be warned by and watch Ray Dalio ( Founder of the largest hedge fund on the Globe, Bridgewater Associates, Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rogers, Teeka Tawari (some of my other Gurus of business and investments and some worth hundreds of millions to billions).  If you have never heard of any of these gentlemen/incredible businessmen and decent and giving human beings, check them out it could potentially change your mindset and life.  One thing I learned in my early twenties, there will be no Uhaul behind your hearse when all things are said and done and all you will have is your memories that will be lasting forever into eternity!  The balance of life is Healthy, Happiness and then financial success!  Most that I have come in contact over the years have it in a different order, money, happiness and then health; that is why 65% of the U.S. populationi is either overweight or obese, which is an extremely sad commentary on the supposedly richest most powerful nation in the history of the world!  We have some many homeless, soon to be homeless due to Covid and the loss of their jobs and/or businesses, destitute and mental challenged people.  From research for my weekly Real Estate/Business column to my 119,000+ subscribers, I have learned that most empires last an average of 250 years due to the lack of caring about those previous groups of people. We are not 244 years young and I ponder whether we have only 6 years left to be grouped in the category of average empires (I don not think we are an empire anyway) or will  we step yup to the plate and make major changes in the way we think, act and perform to one another?  I am an extremely optimistic and postive individual and know that there are those that feel , act and beleive as I do that we can fix the ills and and will step up oto the challenges of our Globe, whether it be poverty, climate change, pollution, energy needs, feeding our inhabitants, potable water issues, health and any and all other situations that absolutely need to be addressed.  If not we are and will be doomed.  I hope and pray that we all will wake up and "Pay It Forward" a   movie by the same name with Kevin Spacey (sad actor who is now in total disfavor), Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment, Jay Mohr and others.  This weekend or whenever, you need to watch this movie and realize we all can make a difference in make major strides and changes, if the majority want to and only time will tell as to what direction our world will go in, survival or extinction as the way the dinosaurs went(unfortunately they had no choice due to a meteor striking the earth, hundreds of millions of years ago).  We have choices and we need to choose those solutions that will help as many as possible and make the world a much better place to live and play! #garyvaynerchuk #garyveechallenge #survivingCovidinbusiness #scalingyourbusinessduringandafterCovid #covid19usa #garyvee #covidpandemic #tenants #purchasingahome #lowestinterestratesin50years #mortgagebrokers #interestrates #mortgages #mortgagerates #renters #buyingahome #buyingahouse #homes #buyers #sellers #lowinterestrates #newconstruction #realestatebrokers #realestateagents #realestatesalespersons #realestatesalesagents 


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