Down Payment Assistance Programs in Northeast Florida

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Down Payment Assistance Programs in Northeast Florida

This represents buying a home with a key in the door

Sometimes that can seem a little overwhelming or you might think you need a ton of money to buy a home. Not so at all. Right now, there are around 5 different programs. I won’t go through all of them in this blog, but, check this link with the a flyer of the various progra

Down Payment Assistance Programs

 Some can be in the form of a 2nd mortgage. Some are forgiven and some are not. Forgiven? You’re wondering if you have to give some kind of confession aren’t you? Nope, no worries you’re good, that’s not the kind of forgiveness I’m talking about. 🤣 🤣

 Forgiven means that after a certain set are terms or rules are met, you no longer owe the down payment assistance portion. So for example, one program is 3 or 4% of the purchase price that will go towards your down payment. After 5 years you won’t owe that 3-4% anymore. If you sell before 5 years, you will have to pay it back. Some can be a fully amortized 2nd mortgage or never forgiven and will have to be paid off when you sell your house. Some of the funds can be used towards your closing costs as well. Or you can ask for the seller to contribute towards your closing costs.

 There are other restrictions like what type of loan you can use, income and housing price, which vary based on which program you use.

Normally, I would point you in the direction of your bank, but chances are they don’t work with down payment assistance programs or if they do, they only utilize one. So I am going to recommend you give Lisa Daniels a call. She is the down payment assistance expert and knows multiple programs that can work for your situation. Her contact info is:


Lisa Daniels Academy Mortgage: 904-219-1417 Don't forget to tell her Pam Graham sent you!


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