Sell My House Orlando, Florida: 3 Things You Need To Know

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Orlando is a beautiful place to work, live, and play. As anyone who has lived in the city knows, many of Orlando's myths are false (e.g., it's hot and humid all the time), making it a great place. However, there are many reasons why you might be searching feverishly for how to "sell my house Orlando." Perhaps you got a job elsewhere in the country. Or, maybe you're facing foreclosure, divorce, or some other life event.

No matter what the reason is, you want to know how to sell your house fast, and we want to give you the top three things you need to know to do that effectively. So, without further ado, let's figure out how to sell your house in Orlando, Florida, as quickly as possible with the #1 we buy houses Orlando company!

Sell My House In Orlando, Florida: Don't Use a Real Estate Agent

First, if you want to sell your home exceptionally fast, a real estate agent is not your best choice. The latest stats show that an Orlando home's average time to go from listing to close is 93 days! That means, if you list your home on the 15th of January, by mid-April, you'll sell your home if you're the average person. For some people, the process takes even longer. Indeed, it's entirely possible that the whole concept of "sell my house Orlando, Florida," fast becomes more like "sell your home never" as there's little to no market interest!

Instead of a real estate company, consider selling to a cash investor like Sunny Spot Realty. Our experienced and dedicated team can learn more about your home, schedule an inspection, and set a closing date, all in as little as one week! When one of our inspectors takes a look at your home, you'll get a no-obligation, all-cash offer to accept or decline. Most people agree to our offers because they are so fair and precise.

Plus, if you sell to a cash investor, you don't need to repair the place or fix it up! Hand us the keys, and we'll make sure to do the rest!


Repairs Can Make Your Break Your Home Sales Timeline

If you want out of your home as soon as possible, a cash investor is the best way to go. However, if you elect to go with a traditional real estate agent, you should know that the home's state of repairs (or disrepair) substantially impacts the selling timeline. Homes that require significant repair have a more challenging time attracting qualified buyers.

The reason for this mostly has to do with financing. Banks don't want to loan money against homes that require significant work. Similarly, if your house requires substantial investments, buyers can't obtain FHA loans to live in it. These two problems alone will cut off most buyers.

Therefore, if you're looking to sell your home with a real estate agent, you'll need to make sure and perform functional and cosmetic repairs if you hope to sell it quickly on the market! Of course, the problem is that even if it does sell quicker on the market, you have to invest the time for the repairs upfront, which means it takes you longer to get to market.

There Are Many Reasons to Sell My House Orlando, Florida Quickly

Many times, people mistakenly believe that selling to a cash investor is only for limited scenarios. The reality is that there are countless reasons why you might want to sell to a cash buyer, including:

    •     New job! If you get a new job elsewhere and you want to have the capital and resources to buy a home in your new location, the fastest way to access your home's equity is to sell it to a cash buyer.
    •     You inherited a home. If you inherited a house in Orlando and didn't live anywhere near it, you'll need to sell my house in Orlando, Florida quickly. Don't do flights out to make repairs, talk with agents, and so forth. Sell to a cash buyer and offload the property in one trip!
    •     You want to avoid foreclosure by selling your property before the bank can sell the home. It's often better to sell to a cash investor and not have a foreclosure on your credit report!


Sell My House Orlando, Florida: It Is Possible to Sell It Fast!

You can sell your home in as little as a week or two with Sunny Spot Realty!! Contact us today, and we'll make sure to give you an all-cash offer that will sell my house in Orlando, Florida!

 Sell My House Orlando, Florida: 3 Things You Need To Know

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