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Incorrect Downspout Extensions

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Plastic corregated extensions do not work. I see this everyday and it's so frustrating to see because it does not work. You can be doing more harm than good.
Reason one; This black corrugated plastic is brittle and it cracks. It gets stepped on, kicked, hit by the lawn mower and it cracks. This type of material is not good for above ground use.
Reason two; Water travels down and not up. The downspout must be on a slope downward to function correctly. When it is flat or goes up the water sits in the tube or goes back and leaks out of the connection or any cracks in the material. When the downspout extension does not have proper slope leaves and debris get trapped in the tube, again causing the water to backflow until it comes out of the connection or any crack in the material.
The end result is moisture in your basement. You must think of your gutter system as your plumbing system. Your waste pipes gradually slope toward the standpipe so it goes into the sewer pushing any debris with it. If it slopes up or went up and down the dirt, hair and debris would get caught in the pipe causing your sinks, tubs and toilets to clog.
If you want to prevent moisture in your basement this is just one of many issues that can be so easily corrected. Make sure your grading is level and slopes away from the house for 4 to 6 feet and make sure your gutter and downspout system is functioning correctly with proper slope and downspout extension 4 to 6 feet away from the house.
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Thank you.