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Top cities that allow for a fast commute

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We all hate being stuck in traffic especially if we are running late. Honks, stoplights at every turn, and endless queues of cars is a drivers worst nightmare. Metro stations, trams, buses, or any other means of transportation are no different. You will probably end up being cramped and no one wants that, especially when we are facing a global pandemic and people are trying to keep Covid-19 out of their homes.


Well, if you are tired of traffic jams and spending long hours on the road then you are probably on the lookout for a new city to relocate in. If you like your commute to be fast and enjoyable then you are in the right place. We came up with a list that shows some of the top cities in the US that allow for a fast commute.


If you want a fast commute to and from work, in and out of the city, you can check our list and find out if your ideal place to live is on our list. Find a real estate agent near you and you will be on your way to become a homeowner in one of the fastest-paced cities in the US. Without further ado here are some of the best cities in the US for commuting. 


San Diego, CA

Unlike New York which is the city with the longest average commute time by transit (53 minutes), San Diego CA stands out for being one of the US cities with the shortest commute time (26 minutes). Also, it is one of the most reachable cities since about 77% of San Diego commuters who travel by car can go to the city in less than 30 minutes. Only 2% of commuters take more than 1 hour to travel to the city and this makes the coastal California city the most reachable city on our list.


In terms of public transportation, only 17% of public transit users can commute into the city within half an hour. San Diego is also one of the few cities with a fast average commute time and with a population exceeding one million people. There are very few big cities in the US with fast commuting times so if you are looking to live in one of the major metropolises of the US you might have to deal with longer commute times. Not the same can be said about San Diego since it is the city with the fastest average commute time and by finding real estate agents in San Diego CA you can relocate here in no time.


Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MN has an average commute time that is just one minute shorter than San Diego but it is certainly more reachable than San Diego as far as public transit users go. Actually Minneapolis is the most reachable city in the US for public transportation users, with more than 31% of travelers making it into the city within 30 minutes.


The average commute time in Minneapolis MN is about 26 minutes by car and 39 minutes by public transit. Minneapolis MN is continuously improving the transit system in order to make it faster and more convenient. They have an ongoing transportation action plan and the comprehensive plan is going to further improve the commute time and public transit.


Phoenix, AZ

Another city that is well known for it’s fast commute time is Phoenix, AZ which is up there with the other two major cities we previously mentioned. Phoenix AZ is battling with Minneapolis in terms of it’s commute time because they are both at around 26 minutes. However, the advantage is held by Minneapolis because the public transit is better, whereas in Phoenix AZ the average commute time for public transit users is about 50 min.  


In spite of that, about 71% of people manage to go in and out of the city in less than 30 min by car and 17% of public transit users manage to make it into the city within 30 min. However, if you consider relocating to the area, contact one of the top realtors in Phoenix AZ, to find some of the best home deals.

Cities with the best public transportation

New York, NY

Ironically the cities with the longest average commute time are the cities with the best public transportation. There is no question that one of the cities with the best public transportation in the US is New York. Only because of the sheer size of the city it is easy to understand why it is in the top when it comes to public transportation.


NY is one of the cities with one of the longest commutes in the US, and it would take an average time of about 43 minutes to transit to work each day. Only 28% of NYC commuters manage to access the city within 30 minutes. In spite of that, NYC’s public transportation moves the largest number of passengers through a sprawling network of subways, buses, trains, and ferries. 

Washington D.C.

The capital is definitely not amongst the cities with the fastest average commute times, and a typical transit commuter would spend about 41 minutes traveling to work each day in D.C. The thing that really shines when it comes to Washington D.C. is its public transportation.  The transportation in the D.C. area mainly relies on below-ground subways and buses. The subway system known as Metrorail is the second-largest system by ridership in the US, and it handles more than 200 million trips a year.


In addition, the bus line system handles more than 130 million trips a year, and people use them and a lot of people commute by public transit. Therefore, an average commute time by public transit would be about 50 minutes in D.C. and the average commute time by car would be close to 41 minutes. Contact one of our top real estate agents in Washington DC if you want to live in one of the cities with the best public transportation system in the US.


Spending less time on the road means you have more time for the things that really matter, such as family, work, and fun. Through this article, you will be able to see which are some of the cities that have done the best work at reducing the commuting time, and which are the cities with the longest commute times. We all like a short and efficient commute, therefore check out our list of top cities in the US for a fast commute and visit our platform RealEstateAgent.com for more interesting content.


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