How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

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Hurricanes are natural disasters that can occur at any time. Just as Ken and Lindsey; a couple in Dallas who woke up to find their home flooded during a hurricane. They had no means and way to escape from the flood. The only way they could safely leave the house was through the help of the Dallas office of emergency management. Talking to the emergency management personnel can help you avert disaster and stay safe during hurricanes. If a warning is issued on a possible hurricane, there are steps that one needs to take before, during, and also after the storm.


What to do Before the Storm

Before a hurricane hits, the Dallas office of emergency management encourages citizens to prepare adequately when a hurricane warning is issued. People living within the coastal line like Houston and Louisiana should evacuate immediately to safer shelters, preferably in Dallas. The appropriate shelter should be outside the region where hurricanes are expected to hit hard. Individuals can stock emergency supplies like water, food medication, clothing, vital documents, and also road maps. 

The Dallas office of emergency management recommends people living within the coastal region to stock adequate food for at least three days. If you have portable batteries, it’s good to charge them and store them safely in waterproof bags. You can keep your phones charged, however, cell signals might not be operational during the hurricane. Also, it’s advisable to avoid electrical appliances during a hurricane. 

People living in Hurricane zones in Dallas can put up permanent shatter windows. These windows prevent the entry of debris in your home during the storm. They also protect windows from shattering during the storm. Plywood can also seal the windows during hurricanes. Storm drains and pipes should always be clear in case flooding occurs. 

What to do During a Storm

During the hurricane, Dallas citizens can listen to local radio stations and watch local television channels. They offer updates throughout the period and also community alerts. The evacuation routes can block when flooding begins to take place, hence it is advisable to heed to all the recommendations given to leave the dangerous zones. If the hurricane finds you in such regions, the Dallas office of emergency management advises one to take refuge in strong buildings. 

During a hurricane, do not drive through flooded streets. The strong winds and floods might sweep the car. A vehicle’s engine can also stall if water penetrates the engine block. If it is necessary to be in the floodwaters, you should wear a life jacket. Once you come into contact with floodwater, it is wise to wash your hands with soap and clean water. Floodwater can contain a lot of germs and hazardous waste which might affect you. 

During hurricanes, avoid wet electrical appliances and if possible, turn off the main electric supply to your house. Flashlights can be handy to provide light in such situations. Avoid candles and lamps since they can cause a fire. Some of the lamps might produce poisonous levels of carbon monoxide.  Avoid water running from taps and drink water from your emergency supplies. Stay calm and wait for an announcement from the authority indicating that the danger has passed. 

What to do after the hurricane

Once the hurricane is over, people should go back to their normal lives slowly. If you had moved to a safe location, wait until authorities give a green light to go back to your homes. In some situations, it takes longer to clear the area and ensure it is safe for anyone to go back. In case of any injuries during the hurricane, first aid should be the first option. A victim can now visit the hospital for further check-up and treatment once all is calm. 

Once you get back home, the effect of the strong wind and storm might have damaged electrical power lines. Avoid touching electrical components since there might be current flowing through. If possible, an individual can call an electrician to check if it is safe. Clean your house to remove harmful waste. Repair broken windows and doors to enhance your safety. Gas pipes may break due to the harsh climate condition. Therefore, if possible an individual can avoid using generators, gas appliances, and open flames. 

During hurricanes, rodents and harmful animals may make their way to your apartment. It is time for you to be careful and watch for any harmful animals. Pets can get stressed due to the hurricane and a visit to the veterinary doctor could improve its condition. During this period it is natural for an individual to go through an emotional breakdown. Coping with the feeling and looking for help will help an individual recover in a short duration. 

After a hurricane, there might be people going through issues worse than yours. Infants, elderly people, and individuals with disabilities need more help. Well-wishers can give them a hand if they need a few repairs done in their homes. During an evacuation, it might be hard for these special people to prepare adequately. 

Hurricanes damage buildings and roads due to the strong winds and flash floods. No one should enter a damaged building until the authorities ascertain it’s safe to do so. Submerged roads may have sinkholes caused by the floods hence a security hazard. Avoid going through flooded roads that are unsafe for use. 

Traveling During hurricane periods

Do you have plans to travel or go for a vacation during the hurricane season? It is advisable to buy travel insurance which is inclusive of natural disasters. In any hotel that you would like to spend your time during the journey, always check their policies in the event of a hurricane. Flights might also be canceled and some hotels may plan to have an evacuation for their guests. 

Dallas Emergency Notification

Public service providers give notifications to citizens in case a hurricane is about to hit Dallas. It allows and gives people adequate time to prepare for the storm. The systems should meet particular requirements set by the state. An individual can also subscribe to privatized alert services where they can be notified through their cell phone. 

How to call for help in case of a hurricane emergency 

During natural calamities, a lot might take place including accidents and flooding in your safe area. In such situations, you might need to call the Dallas office of emergency management for assistance. A victim should not touch any electrical devices including phones to call for assistance. Dallas is not a high-risk area but all should be prepared for the worst.

If you make a call to the Dallas office of emergency management, they can guide you on how to get assistance and what you can do at such a time. An individual can also sign up for OEM alerts to always get a notification if such a calamity is about to take place. These offices are vital in providing information related to hurricanes to residents. The Dallas office of emergency management offers 24-hour services to all Dallas residents and North Carolina residents. 


Dallas residents can make donations to assist hurricane victims. Since it is not near the coastal line, the effect is not intense in the region. However, Residents from Louisiana, Houston, and Galveston, Dallas is a refugee point. Residents may make donations to the shelters which host residents from these counties.


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