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Do you feel out of control?  Frazzled sometimes?  DO you have to look for things all the time?  What about the next 5 people you should contact?  What about the most important thing that you should be doing next?  Are you reactive or proactive?  Do you have a clear vision for your day, your week, your month to get you to the goals that you want to achieve for the year!  If you cannot answer an honest yes to that question it is ok.  You are not alone.  This is extremely common in the Real Estate business.  Our business, our days, our budgets even, can feel very unstructured.  Very disorganized.  Very fluid.  And most importantly and painfully, inconsistent.  Some people thrive in this environment and others struggle because of it.  Successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs are organized and in control.  Let’s talk about Being Organized. 

Why is this so important?  Why did I include this in the group of 9 critical facets that a 4X Agent is all about?  Well in order to create consistency, and control in your business, being organized and intentional about each and every thing you do, will literally take your business to the next level.  Consciously ensuring that your life is in order…that your business is in order…your leads and your clients are in a process that understand they understand is the key to creating comfort and consistency in your real estate business which in turn, creates cash flow. 

Some people thrive on being messy.  That is just their nature.  I am not necessarily talking about cleanliness.  I am not talking about being obsessive about everything being perfect and organized and in its place…Although personally I find that very helpful. 

I like things to be organized and in its place.  I can’t stand searching for things and not finding them right away..I think that is a total waste of time.  Take the time to put things back in the same place so that you know where to find them.  Where are my keys?  Always in the same place.  Where are my dirty clothes?  Always in the dirty clothes hamper…not on the floor.  Where are my books?  On the book shelf.  Where are my files?  In the file cabinet and in an orderly fashion so that I can find things quickly.  That is somewhat organized.  Would you agree? 

There is something to be said for this level of organization….I really feel that our surroundings and how we maintain them reflect our state of mind.  This may not be true for every single personality type.  But definitely for most.  There are a lot of studies that support that.  There are studies for everything these days.  But a quick google search displays to me that a lot of people have a lot to say about “Messiness and State of Mind”.  If you are messy – does that make you a genius.  Why Messy people are smarter.  A psychologist explains why clutter can lead to anxiety.  5 Reasons to clear clutter out of your life.  What being messy could be saying about your mental state….  There are lots of views on this and tons of opinions.  I am not going to pretend to be qualified to create a psycho-analytical approach to this subject.  This is not what this podcast episode is about.  I am not qualified as an expert in that field.  But I am qualified to talk to you about how to be an effective real estate professional and that is what we are going to focus on. 

Some people can have a totally messy desk…stacks of things beside the desk…other things stacked on the cabinet beside them in a pile, and that is, organized to them.  To me that is messy.  For other people they need to feel that those things are close to them so that when they go to look they know here it is.  I have no idea how they can operate that way but that is just me.  So it is not about  - messy-ness.  All that proves is that we are all different.  I will always hold to the belief that all personality profiles and types can make a great living in Real Estate.  But will you admit this? 

Sometimes its about Laziness.  Sometimes it is the decisions that we make.  "Oh, I can’t be bothered." 

You see…I look for “wins” in little ways all the time….I’ve heard multiple speakers talk about the power of making your bed every day.  Create that first win.  Take control of the day.  It sets the tone for the day.

If you have a mess around you because you are being lazy….like old plates of food around and dishes needing to be washed for 4 days sitting in and around your sink….that’s due to choice most of the time.  That is choosing to just leave it that way.  Trying to ignore the mess because you don’t want to clean it up.  Personally, I cannot plunk myself down on the couch and relax at night until our house is in order.  Kitchen is cleaned up.  Office is organized for tomorrow with my priorities all set up for tomorrow.  I have returned all my emails and calls and texts that are important and my phone is now sitting in my office charging so I don’t feel like I have to look at it…..and then, and only then will I properly relax. When I go to bed at night, I sleep like a baby. 

Some people can just look around at the mess – do a heavy sigh – push it to the back of their mind and then choose to relax.  But is your mind truly relaxed?  Maybe for some people.  Not for me.  Definitely not for everyone.  Not for me to decide or judge.  But ask that question….is it in the back of your mind as “unfinished business” not taken care of?  The truth is…its there.  If you have unfinished phone calls, or issues, or items that need to be taken care of,  and you push it to the next day without formulating a plan to deal with it… can’t truly relax.  You can’t.  I am telling you that right now.  In your subconscious mind, it is still working on unfinished business and it is causing you a little stress.  Just a little, but it is not good stress.  It’s not productive Stress….Stress that gets the most out of you. 

So what do I mean by Being Organized?

Well, as we teach in the 4X Formula Real Estate Training Course, we talk about all facets of creating the Dream Business….If you imagine a Dream Business….do you picture things being organized? 

We start with the WHY….nail that down….then we do a whole section on setting goals for real estate based on the parameters of your market area….then we get into the activities that it takes to get you to accomplish those goals.  We get into all of the HOW’s and WHATS and really fill in all the blanks so that every person that takes our course is totally empowered to take action in an organized way that is fully intentional and they are the most critical activities that give you the best chance of success. 

With that in mind, would it make sense that you organize your life a bit?  Organize your priorities?  Organize where you should focus?  Organize and Systemetize your business to get the most out of each hour, each day, each week, and ultimately each year.  This is what I want to talk about.

Of Course.  We make a plan and then we work the plan.  Because we know that if you Fail to Plan you inadvertently Plan to Fail. 

When you employ an organized mindset, your mind becomes lazer focussed on the most important things to do in a day in order to achieve those goals that fulfill your WHY. 

When you work with a plan, you automatically decide what is critical each day and hammer those things off first., You schedule time to contact LEADS, PAST CLIENTS, STRATEGIC ALLIANCES and you intentionally do those exercises in order to build your lead generation machine.  In an organized fashion.  With appropriate intention.  Figure out how to give value in some way to those people. 

We have an organized process to attract leads and then we have an organized process to attain the leads – win the business.  There are certain activities that need to be done prior to the meetings to give you the best chance of success.  These things become routine.  They become your process.  You organize your life.  You organize your leads and clients…. And you organize how you operate with these people and they respect the fact that you have a process and that gives them comfort knowing that you are in control.  Here are some examples

You plan out your Open Houses 2 weeks in advance.  So that you can employ your marketing plan to ensure you effect the neighborhood and meet buyers.  You plan out your showing days for Buyers…and they understand the process.  So that they know that you are working towards that date to make the most of that time with them.  They feel that they are in good hands.  You have a process for communicating with your seller clients so that they know that you are taking care of them and focussed on getting them the best result.  You have a process for closing a file and the after sale process so that you nurture future business and ensure that your clients are happy.  This is being organized. 

You plan out your next marketing blast to your farm area.  You work by appointment.  You get ready for appointments during your hours in between all of these things and you do it the day before.  You are in control of your weeks and days so that you can be incredibly productive and get the most out of every day.  This is what I mean by being organized. 

That’s the macro part of things….

Now to get more into the micro aspects…

We teach people how to get a file ready for a listing meeting….what are the stages of signing a listing contract?  What steps do we take a buyer through in order to serve them well and lock them in…

How do we organize those processes?  This is crucial.  What do you do, to get ready for a listing appointment?  How do you control the listing appointment so that you ensure that you have a great meeting? 

We do everything in an organized way and the results speak for themselves. 

It is not really that hard to look good in the Real Estate Industry.  Be A Professional, Be Accountable, and Be Organized.  This is the type of person that people want to trust and do business with.  This is what impresses people. If you take control of the meetings and you have a process that is organized and you are properly prepared for the meeting so that you have thought about the desired outcome. You sent information prior to that meeting when you said you were going to do it, and then you showed up on time….with your information organized and easy to understand….Now you are ready to listen.  Make notes.  I mean really hear what people are saying.  You are organized.  You are ready.  You are prepared.  You have confidence in the process and the stages of relationship.  You are relaxed and your mind is at ease you have taken the time to think it through already and you know what you want to know…what you want to learn so that you can help these people the way they need to be helped. 

The net result is your new client begins to trust you.  They feel relaxed.  They let their guard down. They are impressed.  They are surprised a lot of the time.  They are now recalibrating in their minds what a true real estate professional is.  This is what happens.  Would you like that to happen when you meet with people?  It is not the only way…but it is one more way that you now rise above your competition.

You have now just raised the bar…and they will now accept nothing less.  So who do you think they will refer future business to?  Even if they don’t end up doing business with you today, they will refer people to you.  I have had it happen many, many, times.  People that I met with, were simply not able to make the move yet.  OR they needed time to get some things taken care of OR they had something happen in their life that changed the game plan….

Let’s face it.  That is always the risk.  Do you agree?  It actually happens quite often.  We spend a lot of time preparing for a meeting.  We do everything right.  We have a great meeting and then nothing happens.  The timing is not right.  Was that a waste of time?  You spent all that time getting organized.  But my attitude is, if you are taking the time anyway…is it not worth it to do your absolute best to impress those people.  I always say to people, it is never a waste of time, meeting a new person and learning about their story.  It is never a waste of time.  I have no idea where it will lead.  I am open to anything.  Every person is connected to many other people in many different ways….Neighbors, Family, Church Family, Community Organizations, Jobs, Sports with their kids, Hobby’s, work colleagues…

Somebody, GUARANTEED, Somebody they know is going to talk to them in the next 30 to 90 days about Real Estate….everybody talks about Real Estate. 

So organize yourself.  Maximize your time output.  If you are spending time with someone in a meeting, think about the opportunities that can come out of that meeting.  Impress them….so that they are inspired to talk about you in a positive way. 

If you show up all dishevelled and disorganized and they are asking you questions that you could have answered already in your process…and it doesn’t seem like you are in control of the meeting, are these people relaxed?  Are they thinking of you as a professional?  Do they think that you are organized and in control of your business?  Are they confident that you are going to do a good job for them?  DO they feel that you are going to get the results they need to get?  Or do they think of you as a necessary evil that they have to deal with and they choose to settle on you reluctantly? 

No!  we want them to feel that they have made a great decision, and thanking the Lord above that you walked into their life.  They need to feel that they have somehow, luckily, stumbled upon someone, like you,  who will make a positive difference in their lives.  They are thankful for you!  Picture that. That is what you want to create.  Let’s shoot for that!  Let’s make that our goal. 

I have created tools that will make you look good.  They keep you organized.  They show your clients that you are organized, and you utilize systems, and tools, in order to run your business.  Check them out at 4X  While you are there pick up the FREE book that I just released for you…called the Quick Commission Blueprint.  This is the start for organizing your life.  The Quick Commission Blueprint is the start.  It is the focal point to everything you do.  After you understand those fundamentals then everything you do after that amplifies those strategies.  The stuff we teach in the course gives you the skillsets, and intricate details, mindsets, to successfully achieve the principals taught in this easy to read  - game changing book, called the Quick Commission Blueprint.  Go to 4X and hit the button that says “I want that free book” and I will have it to you in minutes.  Get started on making the right plan and organizing your efforts to succeed in Real Estate.


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