To Daddy, I miss you......

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This is a tribute to the man who made me who I am today. He has been gone from this earthly plain for 5 years now, but I feel him with me always for what he taught me while I had the honor of being his daughter. My dad was a man of very little formal education. He only completed 3rd grade. He worked hard in his early years as a coal miner in West Virginia, then the rest of his years as a water well driller in Georgia. He taught me the value of treating people fairly in all things both personal and in business. He always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and saw the good in each person. He gave of his time, energy and finances to those in need. He worked hard his entire life and not because he had to, but because he loved to work. He did not die a wealthy man in terms of finances, but he died a hero in my eyes.

He loved me unconditionally his entire life and always encouraged me to follow my dreams and my heart.

Hi nick name was "Shorty" because he stood only 5'4" tall, but in his daughter's eyes he was a giant.

Daddy I love you and miss you more than you will ever know.

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