Top 4 Myths About Saving Gas

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You hear a lot of people say this saves gas. Others say it doesn't. Here it is:


1. Low air pressure uses more gas?

False. It is not safe to drive with low air pressure in your tires, but it does not use more gas.


2.  Driving fast gets you where you are going quicker and it saves you gas.

False. driving slower saves fuel. bottom line.


3. When waiting park your cark instead of turning it off.

False. According to Mercedes Benz if you are waiting for more than 1 minute it is better to turn your car off. Just the same as turning off a light saves energy.


4.The infamous AC cost more in gas.

False. If you have your windows down air goes inside of them and creates drag. The drag will force your car to be less fuel effecient. Everything you have saved in gas by  not turning on your AC will have been lost.