School Districts Matter When It Comes To Real Estate

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When considering the quality of school districts, keep in mind that everyone is looking for good ones The question, of course, is what does good exactly mean? To a buyer with children, it means the best education on the planet. To your real estate agent, however, it may mean something much less.


You must look to facts, not opinions, when evaluating potential school districts as part of your home buying process. Asking for opinions is like a girlfriend asking a boyfriend if she looks good in a dress. Do you really think the answer is going to be anything other than positive?


The quality of a school district is found in the hard, cold facts. Issues you should consider include topics such as:


1. What is the student to teacher ratio?


2. What teaching style does the district use?


3. How much experience do the teachers have?


4. What is the turnover rate for teachers?


5. What is the dropout rate?


6. What percentages of graduates go to college?


7. Is there any history of violence on the schools?


8. Are there any reports of gangs?


9. What extracurricular activities are offered such as sports, music, etc.?


10. What are the average SAT scores for students?


While this list of question will help you determine if a school district if it is good at all. Consideration must be given to your personal views on the education of your children. Develop questions based on your opinions and make sure to get them answered. It will be much more difficult to sell my house fast Pittsburgh to a we buy houses Pittsburgh organization if the school district is bad.


If you have children, evaluating potential school districts is a key factor in purchasing home. Make sure you get the facts, not the opinions of interested people such as the seller or a real estate agent.

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