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This weekend marks the official start to Summer, as we reach the peak of the extraordinarily long Montana days that surround the Solstice. It’s finally time to usher in the warmer weather, savor the sweet feelings of sunshine on your shoulders, and embrace those lazy dog days. And this year, there might be no better place to do that than your own home. Make it the prime locale this season with these hot tips that are trending in the gardening world:


1. Garden Vertically

There’s an array of exciting options for these living displays, both indoors and outdoors. Vertical gardens are a great option for those who live in small spaces like apartments or condos. Plants like philodendrons, succulents, and staghorn ferns can be mounted and hung on the wall, bringing the green inside to create a unique indoor garden which doubles as an art display. Hanging a spice rack that holds mini pots filled with herbs can enhance your cooking and the appeal of your kitchen. If you have limited yard space, you might delight in installing a vertical garden on your fence or gate. Attaching terra cotta pots to wooden boards via wrought iron flower pot rings, and possibly adding some drip irrigation, can provide you with the garden you’ve always wanted - with a twist.  For the non-DIY’ers out there, consider buying a pre-made wall mounted planter or a living wall kit - some are even self-watering!

PHOTO: Cherry Laithang


2. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally


While mosquitoes aren’t as big of a problem in Montana as they can be in other states, they can certainly be (annoyingly and painfully) present at outdoor gatherings. But before you call it an early night, and prior to spraying yourself with harsh chemicals, put your plants to work for you! These mosquito repelling plants can keep the buzzing and biting away, while looking good in the meantime: 




Citronella Grass




Scented Geraniums

Bee Balms


Floss Flower

Sage Allium



3. Indigo is IN


This lovely blueish-purple hue will be popping up everywhere this season in gardens and outdoor decor. Flowers such as salvia, irises, hydrangeas, and delphiniums can provide a speckling of indigo to your garden. You will likely be seeing more containers and pottery in this shade for potting plants and other purposes. Pillows and cushions are another great way to incorporate the deep blue to your outdoor area. Add an extra burst of indigo with a bowl of blueberries for a light and healthy snack on the back patio when company comes over!

PHOTO: Annie Spratt

4. Paint Boldly


The backyard paint colors of Summer 2020 will be dominated by two different styles, both of which demand attention. The first includes rich, dark, grayish shades - think slate, charcoal, and dark oak. These tones create a warm and welcoming setting with a touch of modern sophistication, and make for a beautiful complement to lighter accessories and furniture. The other top style takes a brighter and more colorful approach. Be extra bold and paint your fence in vibrant yellow, teal, or pink, or maybe experiment with two tones of one of these colors, and create the most fun environment in the neighborhood. After all, summer is for play (and you can always repaint!)

PHOTO: Amy Tran


5. Bring the Inside Out


Extend the comfort and luxury from the inside of your home to the outside. Outdoor living rooms are gaining in popularity across the U.S. and in Europe with designer garden furniture being a hot commodity. While Montana may not have a mild year-round climate, the warm weather can last from June through September, often with some wiggle room on both ends. So if you have the storage space for garden furniture come wintertime, an outdoor living room might be worth a shot! Choosing colors from an adjacent room inside your home for your outside cushions for example will help tie things together. Similarly, bringing colors from the garden into nearby inside rooms will help with a smooth transition. Keep the seating low so as not to obstruct any garden views and to be closer to ground level for an earthy feel. You may also want to seek out classic styles of furniture with top-notch weatherproofing to ensure your purchases last for years to come. Neutral colors are best for this, and you can always jazz them up with throws and decorative pillows!


The most important thing is to get some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the natural world in the upcoming months. We hope you experience many gorgeous days outdoors this summer, whether they be in your yard or elsewhere, for we all know Montana’s backyard is a sight to behold with loads of public space to explore! 

Feature Photo: 38 Rocking Horse Ridge in Columbia Falls


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John Pusa
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Jeff Fisher these are very valuable list of garden trends for 2020.

Jun 26, 2020 06:08 PM
Myrl Jeffcoat
GreatWest Realty - Sacramento, CA
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I like those trends too, Jeff!  Especially that waterfall!  It's gorgeous and calming to the soul!

Jun 29, 2020 05:16 AM