9 Ways to Show Mom You Care

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Whether it's your moms birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or you're just looking to show mom some more appreciation- sometimes it's hard to come up with a good idea!

The first thing to do is consider what type of person your mom is and what her love language is-

Would she prefer to get a gift or have you show your love by doing something for her? This list of gifts for moms who don't need anything by The Mommyhood Club should give you some ideas


How to show your mom you care:


1. Say "I Love You"

Sometimes, simple is best. Calling your mom up on the phone just to say "I love you" might seem to easy but that doesn't take away the significance.

It shows you're thinking about her and you care.


2. Dedicate a Song to Her

Call your moms favorite radio station and request a song to be dedicated to her.


3. Fix Something in Her House

Is there something in your moms house that needs fixing or replacing? Make sure you know for sure she would want something replaced before you just do it.

But if there is and she'd like that- replace or fix something that needs it.


4. Help with Yardwork/Gardening

My mom has a really big garden so every year for Mother's Day we help prepare it for her because it's a lot of work! That's a way more valuable gift for her than us buying flowers or a card. 

Rake some leaves, help weed, whatever she needs help with.


5. Prepare a Picnic

Take your mom out for a picnic where she doesn't have to prepare anything! Get everything together and tell her you're picking her up for lunch.

Make sure you find a good spot for your mom.


6. Make Her a Card

A handmade card is always so nice to receive. Even if you think you're terrible at drawing or writing- it doesn't matter. You took the time to make her something. She'll appreciate it!


7. Make Her Dinner

Making your mom dinner is a really nice gift and will be very appreciated. It doesn't have to be fancy- just have her over for some good food and a visit. And DON'T let her do the dishes!


8. Take Her Out

What does your mom like to do? Does she enjoy movies, plays or just going for walks? Take her out of the house and chat! She'll love it :) 


9. Leave Her a Note 

 Stop by and leave a cute note for your mom telling her you've been thinking about her and you care.


Usually the answer is simpler than you'd think. You don't have to have an elaborate plan to show mom you are thinking about her and care. Hopefully this list helped you!




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Li Read
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Great suggestions...I like the picnic idea.

Jun 27, 2020 02:13 PM
John Pusa
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Jen Blaske very good list of suggestions to show mom you care.

Jun 27, 2020 05:30 PM