Miami, FL - The Real Cost of Tax Relief

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If you are already in tax debt the last thing you want to do is to have to spend thousands of dollars to get your IRS problems resolved in the hopes that someone can help you obtain some tax relief.

Should you opt to hire one of those National Tax Relief Firms you see on TV and hear on the Radio, they could possibly help you, yes; but here are a few reasons why they might not be a good option:

  • They charge exorbitant fees; the average costs of working with a tax relief firm can range from $3,500 to $10,000+ and that is strictly for the offer.
  • Additional/hidden fees: extra fees will apply for any extra work required; for instance, getting compliant, an appeals request or responding to letters as needed.
  • They will not begin to work on your case until your fees are paid in full and this process could take months and even years while interests and penalties continue to accrue with the IRS. How long will it take to you pay $10,000 in fees before any work is completed?
  • You will be dealing with a National Firm and not have any face to face interaction with the person handling your case.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, many taxpayers have reported that after signing up with these firms and paying thousands in upfront fees, they were told they did not qualify and were not provided refunds leaving them further in debt.  Working with one of these firms is a risky option and you must to be willing to pay the price without any guarantees.

From my experience with clients, I see more and more how both the pressure from the IRS (by garnishing wages or levying bank accounts) AND the promises offered by these commercials are the perfect combination to push you into falling victim to these tax relief firms.

Well, I would like you to know that there are other options, options that will lead to better results and not cost you those kinds of fees.   A more affordable option, you can opt to work with your local Tax Resolution specialists, like myself, a person you can have access to and a place where you are more than just a number.

An even more affordable option, is to try and resolve your tax problem yourself….yes, you read that correctly, try to resolve it on your own without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so. I have created a very affordable online course, IRS Debt Free Academy, where I teach my clients how to file their own Offer in Compromise by providing them with video instruction on how to fill out the forms, what to include and everything in between to ensure that they submit a successful offer. In addition, this course includes weekly coaching calls to answer any questions you might have thru the process and accountability to help you make sure that it gets done.

If you’d like to obtain more information, you can join a FREE Webinar where I go over how to determine your eligibility for tax relief, so that you can begging your journey of becoming IRS Debt-Free!

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