saving energy around the home and neighborhood...

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The cost of gas, energy, food, and living expenses are going up.  Here are some easy ways to conserve, recycle, re-use, and save!  

Limit air conditioning to the hottest days. (And raise your thermostat a few degrees to reduce both your energy bills and the risk of regional brownouts.) Fans use less energy and can effectively cool your home when paired with open windows for a nice cross-breeze. If you are in a place of business such as work, church, school and a sweater is required...consider mentioning it to someone in charge.  It may not save you money immediately, but if everyone uses less energy - - demand (and price) of energy is reduced.

Postpone heading to the grocery store or other non-urgent trip.  Many times you can consolidate.  If it can't wait, biking is another good option.  With a little organization, carpooling kid's activities is a huge time/gas saver.  You hear the funniest things too! 

Run your dishwasher and do your laundry at night, when there's less demand and prices are lower.  Make sure to optimize loads.  Don't run anything half full.

Now that the weather's warm, it's the perfect time to limit the drain of the dryer by line-drying your clothes (outdoors if possible).  Speaking of laundry, reduce laundry by not washing "clean clothes".  Do your teenager's hoodies really need to be washed each wearing?  Well...maybe... 

Conserve by watering your lawn in the early morning. If you have automatic sprinklers, turn them down (less frequency and shorter intervals).  No need to water the gutter. 

RECYCLE CLOTHES, TOYS, AND OTHER NON-PERISHABLES                                                                               Share too-small clothes, bikes, toys, books, and all those other non-perishables with friends, family, and neighbors. 

Use tote bags to save money and the environment. Make sure to put your tote bags in a place where you will use them.  If you use coupons, consider putting your coupon holder in the tote as a reminder.  Also, skip the plastic when buying fruit/veggies.  Even at retail stores, skip the bags and other non-necessities.  The retailer will appreciate reducing overhead too!

Running your air-conditioner in your vehicle guzzles fuel. Save gas by opening your windows and using air conditioning only when even a breeze isn't enough to cool you. (And consider carpooling to work to save even more gas.)  Park your car in the shade when possible. 

I hope these tips help you save money, energy, and contribute to a healthier environment. 

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