5 Steps to Avoid a Premises Liability Lawsuit

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Getting sued might be the last thing that you think about when considering your home, but if you are renting out your property, listing a room on Airbnb, or even letting guests stay, unsafe conditions in your home could lead to a costly lawsuit. Along with putting guests’ health and safety at risk, unsafe conditions in your home aren’t great for you and your family either. Here are some steps to take to avoid a premises liability lawsuit.

Make Sure Steps are Safe:

If you have steps going up to your front door, this is a key area to concentrate on and make sure that it is safe. As attorney Stephen Hasner advises, “Not only is it a safety risk for you if you have loose steps or unstable treads, but it could also cause a lawsuit if somebody comes to deliver mail or a parcel to your home and ends up hurting themselves when going to your front door. Check any outdoor steps periodically to ensure that they are secure, stable, and don’t pose any safety hazards.”

Safe Electricals:

The electrical wiring of your home can be very risky if it is old and worn. If you have noticed any red flags such as fraying wires, sockets coming away from the walls, or sparks flying when you plug something in, it could be a sure sign that the electrical system in your home needs an update. Along with being a real risk of fire, the last thing that you want is somebody visiting or staying in your home to be hurt by electrocution! Have a trained electrician look over the wiring in your home and make any repairs where necessary to ensure safety.

Deal With Mold:

Mould in the home can be a common problem, but along with being disgusting to look at, it can also lead to health problems. If you are allowing somebody to stay in your home long-term, either renting a room out or letting them stay as a guest, mold in the home can be a big risk to their health as well as your own. Mold spores can lead to breathing problems and, in severe cases, can even bring on conditions like asthma, which can last for many years after exposure. If you’ve noticed any signs of damp or mold in your home, deal with it sooner rather than later, as it will only get worse.


Clutter isn’t just annoying to live with and look at; too much of it can actually cause a health and safety risk. And you really don’t want somebody to sue you because they tripped and fell over something in your home that wasn’t where it should be.

Store Tools Securely:

Last but not least, any tools like a lawnmower, saws, drills, and other things you might use for DIY should be stored away securely when not in use. A garage or a shed is the perfect storage option for power tools that could pose a significant risk if left out in the open.

It’s your responsibility to keep your home safe and secure for anybody visiting - and yourself!

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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Tommy. Some great tips to keep you out of court. Enjoy your day 

Jun 26, 2020 07:46 AM

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