Win Make Give Wealth Series Part Eight: Invest Wisely

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Part Eight: Invest Wisely

Congratulations! You've made it to the last lesson, Part Eight of the Wealth Series. Everything we’ve covered has prepared us for this point: investing wisely. In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to invest in a variety of different “buckets” - I call these the 5 Buckets of Wealth. If this lesson gets you excited and you want to learn more about investing then I have a solution for you: the Win Make Give Investing Series (coming soon).


- Ben Kinney


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Part Eight Preparation


Understanding how much money you could be saving in taxes will help you move through this next lesson:
☑️ Calculate how much 10-40% of last year's income tax would be.
☑️ If you still had that money, how would you invest it?


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Part Eight Resources

Part Eight Workbook


Real Estate Investing Models




Part Eight Giveaway Question

☑️ What are the 5 buckets of wealth?



Part Seven: Facebook Group Check-in

Go to the Win Make Give Facebook group and comment on Chad Hyams' pinned post for the day. Share some ideas of what you could potentially write off on taxes that you haven’t yet?





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