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Appraisal or CMA for your Mead Washington Home Values ?

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Hello Everyone,

When it comes time to get a home value for your Mead Washington home, there generally two ways of going about it. You can have a Realtor come out and do a CMA or Comparable Market Analysis or you can hire a proffessional appraiser to come appraise the home.

What many people may not know is that we all use the same database. This means that when you pay $300-400 for an appraiser to come out thinking the number means more, this just isn't true. The fact is if you had 3 appraisers or 3 Realtors out, you would get 3 different prices from each. The fact is there is no such thing a a real home value, it is an estimate of what people have bought in the past and what your home might go for in the market.

Mead Washington Home ValueBut you may price the home at that price and it could not sell for 6 month to a year. The only people who determine the value of the home is the buyers. The real value of your home is what people are willing to pay, not what they have paid in the past or what they might pay. So you need more than just numbers, you also need someone who can interpret those numbers based on what buyers are doing right now. For this reason alone you are generally better going with a Realtor than an appraiser because they both use the same numbers but the appraiser isn't working with buyers and doesn't know how hot or cold the current buying environment is.


Some people think because they are paying for an appraisal it means more, but it is wasted money. And your appraisal is meaningless to buyers if they can buy the same house down th road for less.

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