the Cost of Living in Chesterton Indiana

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One of the questions I am often asked by fols looking to move out of Illinois is what is the cost of living in Chesterton?

First of all, Chesterton is much cheaper than Chicago. I was in Orland Park yesterday and I was so glad that I got gas before I left town.ย  They do have a Trader Joe's and an Apple store, but if you are looking for that small town feel that is within commuting distance to Chicago.ย 

You pay less in taxes, get more home and land for your money and that great hometown feeling.

Schools are ranked among the top of the state, National and State Parks and some great local restaurants.

If you are looking for a new home and have some money left over that doesn't go to a spendthrift state look at Chesterton and the rest of Northwest Indiana. IF we don't have it you probably don;t need it.


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