Suggestions How to Improve Home Life

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A home needs to be more than a place where you live.  It should be a place that is a retreat, and where you can relax.  Sometimes this is not the case which causes more stress and reminds us of more things that need to be done when we step into the house.  Our goal here should be to steer ourselves towards a more relaxing and cozier atmosphere that allows us to forget daily problems from work and outside world.  There are some mood changing ideas and household tips that will help you improve your comfort and reduce your daily worries:     

Seasons of the year – As the seasons change during the year, make changes within the home to reflect the season.  Doing this will make the home feel more enjoyable and comfortable.  For instance, during the winter consider having the drapes closed for longer periods of time to keep in the heat, use the fireplace that will create a cozy atmosphere.  During the warmer months, have the windows open to get the warm breeze, hear the birds, see the sunlight, and add flowers to the home.

Lighting – Having good lighting in a room will lift peoples’ mood and helps you function better.  Proper lighting in all areas includes having a mixer of light sources which adds greater effect to the area.  For example, use candles and twinkle lights.   

Listening – It is great to sit back and listen to a documentary or your favorite music.  Sound plays a role in making your home a comfortable environment, so just set back and enjoy listening.

Bedroom – Be sure to make your bed each morning.  A beautifully made bed will help you relax after a busy day at work.  This creates a satisfying feeling of accomplishment before you begin your day. 

Daily work - If you are working from home, try to put your computer away and hide paperwork to give yourself a mental rest.  Do this at quitting time, this will have a calming effect for you and the family.

Home scents – Introduce home scents into the home, this will help you unwind and bring back places where you love and fond memories.  Consider varying the scent base when seasons change.

Cleanliness over styling – Your home is a special place; it is more important to keep it clean and tidy over buying items to keep up with the latest style.  A tidy and clean home usually seems more relaxing versus a home filled with the trending pieces.

Blankets on furniture – Throw blankets are inviting on sofas and creates a great place snuggle.  This creates a great environment to invite children and pets to cozy up together.

Flowers and plants – A good idea is to have fresh flowers and plants within the home.  This gives the home a lush focal point.  In addition, caring and watching house plants grow gives people a satisfying feeling.

Personize the home – Having family photos and items that have been passed down through generations will give the home personal touch and make it feel like a great getaway.  In addition, include items pickup during the holidays and items that have history or a story behind them.  Finally, this makes it more inviting to come too.

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